Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do Burpees Count?


The 9 redwoods that showed up for the Día de Los Muertos beatdown at NoToll that turned into a día de los brazos muertos.  Those that were there have no reason not to join the challenge since they got such a good jump on the first day of the month.



SSHx20, IWx20, DQx10 (Swirly style), merkins x 10, Box Cutters x 10

Mosey to the sideline of the soccer field for…Honeydo guessed it, Merkin Ladder.  Start with 20, run across the field, 19…down to 1

Mosey to the soccer field fence for a triple check. P1-Peoples Chair, P2-American Hammer, P3-Run length of the field.

Four Corners – Round 1 – 10 Diamond Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Merkins, 40 Flutter Kicks (2count)

Round 2 – 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Mtn Climbers (2count), 40 LBC

Mosey to the Basketball Court for Mary – Single leg Dollies/FlutterKicks while holding other leg at six inches 5 IC each.  Heels to Heaven x 10

Close it out with 10 merkins OYO.

COT and Wilson took us out.


YHC had yet to put his name up for the merkin challenge but had every intention of participating.  Gumbo signed up for the Q but gracefully handed it off to YHC when he heard that YHC had the same idea to get the merkin challenge started off right.  Not every Q YHC does this month will include that many merkins and it still did not reach the Lugnut level of 385 at SOT

No mumble chatter during the merkin ladder but McRib and Wilson stayed out in front of the PAX for the duration.  Mumblechatter kicked up during the triple check and four corners with the topic of Wilson’s dinner and staying out of the tailstream.  Good to see Offshore on the Southside. We packed a lot in and Flashdance said it felt like an hour, YHC is just trying to make every minute count and get the day started right.

The final question is – Do Burpees count in the merkin challenge?  I’ll leave it to the PAX to chime in.

The total for today was 300, 310 if you include the burpees.


November Merkin Challenge – See the backblast for the spreadsheet.

F3 Hampton Roads – Starts Saturday, get that final EH in.  Toga is heading down this weekend with others on weekends to follow.  Check with Toga, Jville, YHC, Swirly or Hardywood for dates and rides.

Way to push through today men.



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  1. Well done. A burpee, done right, includes a merkin but burpees are a challenge for another month…

  2. Great Q Rosie, and happy to step aside. Slightly disappointed that we didn’t meet a new girlfriend of Rosie’s (as they like to haunt the PAX at NoToll) but the Merkin Ladder did the job today and got the PAX off on the right foot for the November challenge.

    My vote – Burpees count – at least if you do them correctly. Plus, it gives Qs more reason to work them into the rotation this month.

  3. Great workout! Haven’t signed up yet and why would I with merkin beat downs like that. See you gents at SOT – Wilson Q! #gotobedearly

  4. Way to get the challenge started off right Rosie. Burpees included or not, that was a beatdown.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done fella’s.
    A merkin is built into and is a part of a burppee – however the burppee is in itself it’s own exercise and will have it’s own monthly challenge in the coming months (Stay Tuned)… A standard merkin is the Nov Corporate Challenge which Splinter has put forth. Get on the spreadsheet and participate if you are not already on there..
    See y’all in the gloom …

  6. 1-4 Corporate…just banged out 10 merkins in my office to account for the 10 Burpee-merkins I already recorded in my daily count on the spreadsheet

  7. As well Jerkins, being a backwards Merkin, count against your Merkin monthly tally. All of this is clearly laid out in the Corporate Manual, in the chapter on monthly challenges. Corporate baby!