Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A frightening four came to Batteau on a warm Halloween morning. 58 degrees and breezy, perfect weather to sweat off the extra candy to be consumed later today. it went down like this:

COP – SSH, IPs, Merkins, Flutterkicks, DQs

Mosey to other side of stone house. YHC demo’ed the newly dubbed Human Centipede:  pax elbow planks in a line, last man broad jumps up then over pax until reaching front, keep going like Indian Run across field.

Team up for Dora. 100 Box Jumps, 200 Dups, 300 LBCs. Add instead of running runner bear crawls to tree and back.

MOSEY to tennis court.  modified beast- 2 stops across court, 8 reps:  Burpees, WWII Situps, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Mtn Climbers ,CDDs.

MOSEY down the hill. Run up hill 5 burpees at light, jog down. Repeato x3. hit 6 for Box Cutters and Heels 2 Heaven. Mosey down to bottom for Box Jumps and Derkins. 10, 15, then 20.

Back to the flag, American Hammers to finish.

Flipper took us out.

NMS – Although YHC is a horror movie fan he has not seen any of the Human Centipede movies, so some of the PAX were wary of the initial  mention and demo. The exercise itself seemed to work and with more pax than 4 could be even more fun.

The Dora with bear crawl took a lot of time. The audible from incline Merkins to LBCs was applauded.

Hardywood was fighting off a sore hip the entire beatdown. Flipper enjoyed his chance to outrun  him during the hills.

Stay safe tonight, be sure to post tomorrow to burn off the sugar this evening…






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  1. Way to work gents. Imagine the 20+ man centipede at Dogpile…protective gear may be needed, that is a lot of broad jumps.

  2. Precisely the reason I brought it up…unfortunately I won’t be able to be at Dogpile on Saturday, so I’ll have to read about the carnage.