Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The 50 Plus Club plus a Pigskin



5 – 55 Plus year old men and 3 others  gathered at the Gridiron for 60 minutes of pleasure.

The Thang:

25 Side Straddle Hop
25 Don Quixottes
25 Seal Jacks
Arm circles small, large, forward, backwards

Mosey over to swing set area for
1,2,3,4,5 and then 10 pull ups on monkey bars

Mosey to the parking lot for a “Fire drill”
Johnsonville didn’t like the idea of tarmac under
his feet so we did a little mosey to the greener side.
Circle up, chop feet, Pax calls “fire”,  all PAX drop
and roll- roll right Merkin, back left Merkin,
back on your feet- Go around the circle so
everyone gets a chance to call Fire…
Thanks Rosie for the “Fire Drill” back blast idea.

The fire drill was quickly extinguished by a few merkins and
curb crawls to the right and then back left.
We lunged over to the Pavilion area for (2) sets of 25-dips.

Since football was in the air and Tuckahoe Tomahawks were
playing away we took advantage of the field.
5 squats end zone “run”
10 squats 25yard marker “run”
15 squats 50 yard marker “run”
20 squats opposite 25 yard marker “run”
25 squats opposite end zone
Repeat for Alabama prom dates, Merkins, Flutter kick
Finished  up with Bear Crawl at end zone 10 yards, Lunge 10 yards… bear crawls , lunge until
reaching the opposite end zone.

Mosey over to school bus pick up loop for Pole Smoker conveyor belt relay.
Grab a pole, start the smoker, front of the line bear crawls to rear and yells go for
the next bear crawler to begin. Rinse and repeat with a run instead of a Bear Crawl.

Mosey over to school entrance for Modified Triple Check: wall sits, donkey kicks and run (5) burpee run
Rinse and repeat.

Counterama and Namearama

Ceil took us out with a closing pray


Our newest EMU was back for more. He did a great job working through a few shoulder issues and finished up strong. Johnsonville had to leave early, not sure if any of the mumble chatter was a valid reason for leaving.  Attila likes start mumble chatter especially with Johnsonville directing the subject line over to White Deer even if White Deer can’t hear the mumble chatter. Pigskin up from Charlotte NC, at 63 this guy is a beast. Night Crawler said his Saturday morning lights were out after the run on the football field.  For some reason the PAX thinks White Deer likes Merkins … sounds like mumble chatter



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