Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two Right Shoes


19 men awakened from the fartsack to enjoy perfect weather to work up a sweat.  Here is what we accomplished before most people have opened their eyes:

Mosey around church parking lot to form a plank line.  Merkin x15 IC.  Polar Bear across parking lot stopping at each parking space to perform a merkin.  Plank when finished. Merkin x5 IC.

Mosey to field for some fun 11s.  Run across field, perform 10 merkins.  Run backwards across field, perform 1 WWII situp.  Repeat until 1 merkin and 10 WWII situps.

Mosey back to church parking lot and around church building for four corners around church building.  Corner 1 merkin x25, Corner 2 Jump Squat with a Jump Shot x 25.  Corner 3 American Hammer x25. Corner 4, LBC x25. Repeat entire circuit x3.

Alabama Prom Dates x25, FlutterKicks x40, Freddie Mercuries x20, Rosalitas x10. (All IC)

Line up along parking lot for an abbreviated Mini-Beast. Lunge across parking lot stopping along three points and perform x3 of called exercises. Exercises called included BallDippers (Spit), Merkins (Chapstick), Burpees (Emoji at YHC insistence)

Mosey back to VSF.  Numberama, Namearama, Abacus took us out with prayer.

NMM :  The hardest part of Qing for YHC is writing the backblast, especially coming up with an appropriate Title.  So Abacus showed up to the AO on his bike with 30 seconds to spare.  THE Carpenter mentioned that he had about 30 seconds to change into his running shoes from his cycling shoes.  Abacus’s response to said issue was that he had plenty of time.  Until the second issue of the morning presented itself to Abacus.  Abacus “OH no, I picked up two RIGHT footed running shoes”.  With that being said YHC pronounced it was time to Mosey and YHCs dilemma of an appropriate title was solved.  In true F3 spirit, Abacus put on both RIGHT shoes and crushed the beatdown. (On a side note, Abacus in true F3 spirit, used this morning beatdown for a 40 mile bike ride afterword. Respect.)  YHC had not Qd at The Creek and was not familiar with the entirety of the property.  Therefore, YHC did not have a true game plan for this morning.  Fortunately, Emoji mentioned how much he enjoyed HoneyDo’s 5 mile Polar Bear earlier this week.  YHC thought to himself that would be a great way to start the beatdown.  YHC was thinking The Polar Bear would be a option for the day, but Emoji cemented the start.  During the 11s, the mumblechatter subsided, as YHC believes the PAX was concentrating on not running over each other.  That field is real dark at 530am.  Nobody collided, although YHC believes Helix? performed a backflip over a PAX member performing merkins as he began his backwards run during one pass.  Spit and Helix led the PAX through the four corners, with the rest of the PAX really pushing through a fast pace.  We finished with an abbreviated Mini-Beast to cool down.  Only an F3 beatdown ends with a Beast.  That is how we roll.  AYE!

Welcome to Front Porch and I-Beam.  Looking forward to seeing you at future workouts.

Great work this morning gentlemen.

Circle K


PS. My apologies to the PAX member I am missing.  Not intentional, I still have visions of Abacus running around the church with two right shoes and that is creating a fog in my memory.  Someone please help me, so I can update the PAX list.  Credit is due upon the completion of an F3 workout.


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead a great group of men this morning. Great work at The CREEK.

  2. RVA is singlehandedly keeping polar bears off the endangered species list. Glad to see Tigger post twice this week. Am upset no tractor tire made it out at The Creek, as that might mean it makes it down to Dogpile tomorrow!

  3. Gumband is who I omitted from the PAX. My apologies. Thanks to Abacus for helping my memory.

  4. Great workout, per usual, Circle K. Yes, it was I who took the tumble over (I think) Sugar Baby. Any landing you walk away from is a good landing.

  5. I would love to poke fun of Abacus, but since I am a shoe offender of the past, I will abstain. Looks like a solid workout, way to roll, Mechanicsville!