Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Atlee complex laps


4 runners were found loitering on school grounds this morning.  Punishment was to run laps around complex:

  • start with short stroll around parking lot to catch any stragglers (none showed), then head down road until Honey Meadow Rd.  Left until bus parking lot, another left into lot, then across front of schools to starting point.  Each lap is 1.5 miles, pick your distance.


Teams of two formed, Anchovy and Spike leading us out, with Lab Rat and Spit close behind.  Spit was pulling hard out of the gates this morning, and Lab Rat was struggling.  After 2 miles, Lab Rat dropped the virtual tether on Spit and let him fly.  Lab Rat pulled it in early, covering 4 miles….dragging ass after a long trail run yesterday.  Anchovy and Spike came in hot, then went back out in reverse to track down Spit, who busted out 5 miles at a blistering pace.  The front runners covered about 5.5 miles.

Announcements were:  See ya’ll in the morning.  HoneyDo Q at DaVille…..YEEEHAW!


Lab Rat out




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