Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Charles Bronson in a Clown Suit


15 F3RVA regulars, 1 FNG, and 1 brother from another suburb showed up to have a birthday party with Lab Rat.  Here is how the festivities went:

COP (with full disclaimer)

  • 10 Helicopters
  • 20 Copperhead Squats
  • 19 Don Quixotes
  • 70 SSH


  • Charles Bronson:  Line up at first cone, perform 50 46 of each exercise, sprinting to second cone, then army crawling to third cone after completion of each exercise.  Exercises were:  SSH, Merkin, Burpee, LBC, Jump Squat.
  • Tunnel of Love:  Plank up shoulder to shoulder (TYA does whatever the hell he wants).  First man army crawls thru tunnel avoiding stalactites along the way.  Plank next to last man upon completion.  And so on until last man completes.
  • Triple Check:  Freddie Mercuries, People’s Chair, and run to last cone and back.  Reapeato X2
  • Soccer Field Tracers:  Follow the leader around soccer field alternating between forward run, karaoke, backward run, karaoke.  X2
  • MaryAmerican Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Superman (2 verses)


Ok, so today is Lab Rat’s birthday, so he was trying to do something momentus instead of normal fly by the seat of pants workout as is a normal Lab Rat Q.  COP numbers added up to date of birth:  10/20/1970.  Somehow YHC struggled more with this than normal, as there was a set order things had to go.  It doesnt help when pax jumps on any pause YHC makes as a sign of weakness.  Thanks, guys!  Lab Rat somehow held it together with no weinke and pulled a rabbit rat out of his….er hat.

YHC also wanted a guest appearance for his birthday, but all the clowns are in the woods nowadays and we are full up on asses donkeys.  Next best thing:  guest appearance by Mr. Bronson himself!  YHC thinks that the dry erase board stole a little thunder as those that were there last time Charles made an appearance recognized the crutch.  46 was the number instead of the usual 50 to commemorate 4 more years of 0 respect for Lab Rat.  Everything else as it were was just icing on the cake….pun totally intended.

Post workout, many happy birthday handshakes, fist bumps, and 1 “Happy Birthday, Jackass” (love you too, Toga) made this a great day to be above dirt.  Thanks for all of it!

It is always a pleasure to have MiniMe in the RVA!  Glad you found the AO this morning!

Big welcome to FNG “Swiper”!  Great job out there today.  Swiper has a degree in Archeology —–> Dora was always going to archeological digs ——> Boots and Swiper were major characters on Dora, and Swiper was the crowd favorite.


Tidewater expansion:  Pick your Saturday and see Johnsonville!  Help is needed to get them going.  Also, any contacts in the Tidewater area should be passed along as well.  See preblasts.

-Bear Creek 10 miler

-Belmonte 50K

Lab Rat is another year older and deeper in debt



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  1. Great Q Lab Rat!

    Bronson’s burpees just about did me in. That whole sequencing was a smoker.

    Happy 46th Birthday!


  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Charles Bronson is a hell of a Birthday guest !
    Well done guys – Happy Birthday Labrat!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Thanks, gents. Mr. Bronson recognizes that is alot of burpees in a row, and he extends a Laurel & Hardy handshake to those that completed them.

    Thanks for the Bday wishes.

  4. Happy birthday Labrat! Nice job on Q this morning and the Bronson was a nice touch. I thought we were going to play birthday ultimate with a glow in the dark frisbee!

    Welcome swiper.

  5. Mazel Tov Lab Rat..also enjoyed the preemptive 2nd F at Hardywood yesterday.

    Life goal achieved: To finally arrived to an AO before Swirly. Boy am I tired.

    I doubt Charles Bronson ever did that many burpees – he would have shot the person who would suggest such a thing.

    Welcome Swiper…(Swiper no swiping…)

  6. Happy Birthday Lab Rat. Strong party you threw for yourself there. I hope the recovery process includes several 8 oz curls.

    Welcome Swiper and props on surviving an introduction to Mr. Bronson on your first posting – he’s a rare but deadly visitor.

  7. Happy birthday brother of the gloom, thanks for bringing the beat down loved it. FYI 46 burpees looks far worse on a white board than it sounds!!!