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Always 70 and Sunny

40 under 40


7 men showed up ready to throw some iron around at Circus Maximus.  Two of our F3 brothers were named to Style weekly top 40 under 40 this week so YHC set up a small tribute to them.  The article said something about Hardywood running a business and being connected to the Richmond community but F3 knows he was named to the list for his ability to slay burpees.  Gumbo on the other hand apparently does some pro bono work but the writeup failed to mention his fondness for Lindseys and merkins.



SSHx20, IWx20, scapula merkins x10, Arm circles x15 forward and backward

40 under 40 – each exercise for time under 40 seconds with each arm or clockwise/counterclockwise, Q calls time, exercises as follow:

Around the world, Halo, Swing, Curl, Lunge, American Hammer, Waiter Carry, Clean to Rack, Figure 8, Merkin Row, High Pull, Tricep Extension, Goblet Squat, WWII and Press, Millineum Falcon hold, Suitcase Carry, Snatch, Row, Clean and Press, Flutter Kick, Alabama Honeymoon, Press, Squat Press, Deadlift, Death Crawl

Slide over in the parking lot for some partner exercises. P1 around the island in the parking lot, P2 does exercise, flapjack.  Goblet Squats, Alabama Honeymoons, Merkin Row, WWII Press

1 round Pan-PAX 8 count burpee.



Flip Phone has been showing up to CM and relying on someone in the PAX bringing an extra KB but this week there was not one to be found.  Unfortunately the themed workout did not lend itself to not having a KB.  He stayed near the PAX and crushed some burpees, merkins, WWII, FK, wall planks and plenty of others while the rest of us rolled through the 40.  Respect to him for sticking it out and I think a plan has been hatched to get him a KB or he will now go get his own before he posts again.

Anyone looking for ideas for an exercise to Q a CM workout need not look any further than this BB.  Listed above is 20+ of the favorites, switching hands and directions counted as separate for this total.  Discussion at the end centered around PAX that don’t post to CM.  Sure you guys can do bodyweight exercises but can you do it with a KB, we’re not sure you can?  You know who you are…

YHC was compiling a list of the KB exercises for a 30×30 type workout but the 40 under 40 thing was just too hard to pass up.  I all seriousness, I believe I speak for at least a few of the F3 faithful when I say that we are proud to be associated with this group and the fact that these 2 have been singled out as leaders in the community is part of the reason.


EH those Tidewater men.  Toga and crew head down in a few weeks to kick it off.


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  1. You really needed that Weinke today Rosie, we got a LOT done. I agree about PAX needing to give CM a try, maybe make it a requirement for Corporate status? Or revoking of that said privileged status…

  2. Thanks Rosie (and others) for all the shout outs and for the theme of today’s workout. Little rest and high volume seems to be the flavor of the month — Swirly is rubbing off on the PAX.

    And, I’m pretty sure Flip Phone really wished he had a KB today – way to exemplify the You vs. You and crush it today.

  3. As long as LabRat shows up at CM. Just move that signup over to DaVille instead of NoToll. I can attest that the DaVille AO and PAX are excellent fun