Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Threat


14 men spanning five decades stormed into the Atlee High School parking lot in the gloom for a triple helping of a beatdown that went something like this:


Threat #1 – Spit started as Q

Parking lot chasers


SSH x25, Invisible Jumprope x15, Don Quixote x15, LBC’s x25, Flutter Kicks x15, Freddie Mercuries x 15, Arm circles 5 large 5 small reverse, 20 Merkins on your own

Threat #2 – Emoji took over the Q

Mosey over to the bus loop and then around the bus loop.

Run 10 steps forward, 10 steps backward between 4 stations around the bus loop

  1. Merkins x20
  2. Jump squats x20
  3. WWII sit-ups x20
  4. Dips x20

Repeat for a total of 3x.

Threat #3 – The Carpenter took over the Q

Theme: Reliving Middle School

Mosey halfway around Chickahominy Middle School to the tennis courts. Partner up. 1 person runs around the middle school while the other exercises.

  1. Sixth grade – bear crawl from the tennis court fence to the net and back (repeat until the partner finishes the loop around the middle school).
  2. Seventh grade – crab crawl from the tennis court fence to the net and back (repeat until the partner finishes the loop around the middle school).
  3. Eighth grade – SSHs (repeat until the partner finishes the loop around the middle school).
  4. Early AP classes – SSHs (repeat until the partner finishes the loop around the middle school).

Mosey back to the flag.

COT: Abacus took us out.


The Q listing on the spreadsheet was empty until yesterday so Spit, Emoji and The Carpenter stepped into the gap. Emoji had never served as QIC before so this was a perfect way to give him some experience and set up his soon to be full VQ. Right, Emoji???

The mumble chatter was quiet at first during the COP but that changed with the ever-present DaVille counting method. Abacus started the madness of counting 1 instead of 11 and then following that pattern for the subsequent numbers way back in March. It has continued to this day… Emoji has enjoyed throwing out random numbers to add more confusion to the PAX but also laughter. The PAX was engaged by the end of Spit’s part of the Q.

Emoji then took us to the famous bus loop where we almost got run over by a police car a few months ago in the dark. The lights were on so that was not a problem this time. Emoji introduced a wrinkle into the loop by calling for running 10 steps forward and then 10 steps backward and repeat between stations. Cries of “Vertigo!” were going up around the PAX as the twists and turns added to the challenge.

The Carpenter led the PAX around to the back of the middle school where Chapstick mumbled, “Oh, are we only going to run around the school.” That called for an increase in the pain so instead of doing the original “nicer” exercises, The Carpenter called for bear crawls and crab crawls along with his favorite SSHs. The sounds of bear moaning (whatever that means) could be heard as the approximate 1/3 – 1/2 mile loop around the middle school did not lend to a quick run by the partners as the others exercises.

Spike, Phonics and Anchovy took off running and took no prisoners as they sped around the school. The others played catch up and even watched Spike and Phonics loop the whole PAX. Very impressive!

Helix brought his son and the FNG was named Hatrick in light of his love of hockey. The Helix / Hatrick combination adds yet another father/son combo out here at DaVille and The Creek. Yardsale/Chapstick and Abacus/Guppy have showed up together. There is rumor that a father/son FNG combo is debuting at The Creek on Friday. This is a fine way to teach the next generation to engage in self-discipline in a “you vs. you” way! Way to go men.

Ironically, the three QICs today only have daughters (The Carpenter has 4 daughters, Emoji has 2 daughters and Spit has 1 daughter) so they cannot participate in the father/son combo. It looks like the QICs need to get to work…

– Triple Threat (Spit, Emoji, The Carpenter) out!


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  1. Well done, gents! Might I point out that when it comes to 2.0s, F3 (at least in the RVA) is lenient on the gender policy.

  2. Thanks for another great workout. You are role models for PAX of all ages, but it warms my heart, especially, that your influence extends to these young people. I will just have to trust that the Hanover county public school system will ensure they know how to count.

  3. One more thing: hump day happy hour this evening (Wednesday) at Hardywood brewery. Hope to see some Mechanicsvillagers out!