Wednesday, October 20
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

He’s a Maniac, Maniac on the Floor


13 powerful and committed regulars tackled a Flipper Q’d Flashdance Birthday Beatdown.  The temperature was perfect and the sky was clear and our hearts were receptive.  It went something like this


  • 25 SSH IC
  • 15 DQ’s
  • 20 IW IC
  • 20 Hillbillys IC ( j’ville hop optional)
  • 15 hand release merkins
  • 50 LBCs IC

Mosey to the field for FlipDog shuffle.  Native American run every fourth man Pax stop and do 20 merkins.  5-6 series of that changed exercise to Carolina Drydocks (15).  5-6 series of that.

Stop at the pavilion for a partner run.  Partner does dips while partner runs around the field (switch) next exercise was Irkins on the bench partner run the field switch.

Mosey to the Courts.  For Eeyore’s Revenge.  10 donkey Kicks run across court 10 FM’s back to the fence 20 DK’s (rinse and repeat) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.

Superman/ Aquaman ring of fire.  Hold Superman each man does 10 count Aquaman around the circle. 50 LBCs IC to finish.

Numberama/ Namearama YHC led us out.


YHC has a serious fear of Pulling a Wilson and continues his extreme early arrival to his Q.  As usual most of the pax comes in Hot at about 5:25. Gumbo arrived early to get in his mile.. Big ups … FlipDog shuffle was well received only small amount of mumblechatter on the 20 merkin at each stop.  I think the majority of the pax would head back out for FlipDog Shuffle if they had know what was next. YHC is now calling it Eoyore’s revenge. Hate to  say it but that guy is a (sad clown).  He needs to get Tigger and piglet together and headlock Pooh’s big ass and start some F3 with Christopher Robin.  Anyway as his revenge for our high energy/ positive outlook on life he exacted his revenge with excessive Donkey Kicks.  Even HoneyDo said ” wow going to 50 is just crazy”

In honor of the birthday boy Flashdance I tried to include many of his favorites.  He actually named the FlipDog shuffle at Mary when he borrowed it for his Q. And because he is a brokendown old chiropractor with blown out shoulders I did as much of that as possible… Love you Brother Happy Birthday!!! And award for the day, the Sneaky Fast or he doesn’t look that fast but damn he’s fast award goes to Oyster. Dude was blazing.




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  1. Honor and Pleasure to lead today. You guys brought your A game today. And prayers for Hardywood and his family as they drive to Texas today(death in the family) we are with you brother

    • Thanks for bringing out all my favorites that was a treat for sure. By the way I only have 1 blown shoulder its the left but both hips are problematic. Thanks again brother for a great kick off to my birthday!! only gettin better baby Respect here I come!!!!

  2. Great Q, Flip Dog….a really tough workout.
    I left my gloves on top of my car afterwards then drove off. I saw them in the middle of Robious traffic during the school run. I’m awesome.

  3. As a connoisseur of Donkey Kicks myself I have often wondered how many was too many. Thanks to Flipper now we know the answer, still feeling those.

  4. Great Q Flipper!

    That donkey kicked my butt. A lot of running today, which I typically like, but adding 150 donkey kicks is Assine (see what I did there).

    Happy Birthday Flashdance!

    PS Oyster is freaky fast.


  5. I concur – 50 Donkey Kicks is just plain crazy…and painful. I could barely hold my legs up for the Freddy Mercury’s.

    Strong Q Flip-dog.

    There has been a whole lotta SUCK on the Southside so far this week – way to push through guys.

    Happy B-day Flashdance and prayers out to Hardywood and his family.

  6. Great Q! My pulling a “Wilson” has done the PAX community a service. No one wants that to happen to them, so super early Q’s we have. Happy birthday Flashdance!

    • Thanks brother, I joined about a year ago and little did I know I was dying a slow death, living life just going through the motions. F3 has re-ignited my spirit again and woke me up to become more of man that god had created me to be. I love all the guys, pain and laughs. I am excited about life again!!! We have a true gem here in F3 Richmond and I am grateful for it all.

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