Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Rat was no where to be found


3 Loyal Runners and 1 FNG show up at Atlee HS parking lot this morning for nice group run


-5.5 milers: Out to the King’s Charter loop and back

-5.0 miler: Out to just past the King’s Charter lake and back. loop around the football stadium, soccer field, and HS parking lots to get the full mileage.


YHC knew that Lab Rat mentioned he would be missing the Tomato Run today so a plan was put together to do our normally run. The pax started out together but YHC knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pax so earlier turnaround point was needed.

The chatter was mainly about HS football and how the whole districts were set up these days.

The full moon gave some much needed light on this run. The normally “black hole” on the loop behind the schools was brighten by it and the wonderful clear sky at to the environment.

Welcome to Juggler! I know that Anchovy and Phonics enjoyed having a long time runner join the group.


Bear Creek 10 miler Dec 4:  http://www.rrrc.org/events/2016-bear-creek-10-mile-trail-run

Bel Monte 50K Mar 11:  http://belmonteraces.com/

Spit on that!!