Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

October HDHH This Wednesday, the 19th!



Hardywood Park Brewery



  • Come one come all to see what your fellow PAX members look like in the light of day!  No pre-workout, so no change of clothes or old stinky towel required.  Just good old fashioned 2nd F.
  • Everyone is invited, even your dogs and 2.0’s!  (kids must be leashed at all times).
  • Long term weather forecast is fantastic for hanging outside around the picnic tables, maybe throw some cornhole.
  • Divide Ride taco truck will be on hand…..making tacos I guess.  Saab also volunteered to make an extra peanut butter sandwich to share.
  • Zima sez:  tell the server you are with F3 when you order!  He did not specify whether this will get you a discount or extra saliva in your beer.  Take your chances and see!

WHO:  All pax and accompanied guests

WHAT:  Beers and lies.  You may even get to hear what somebody else’s voice sounds like besides Lab Rat’s.

WHEN:  Wednesday, October 19th, starting at 5:00.

WHERE:  Hardywood Park Brewery 2408 – 2410 Ownby Lane Richmond, Virginia 23220

WHY:  Third Wednesday of the month

No RSVP required, as this is a large facility.  But, feel free to sound off in the comments.  This is the RVA after all.


Lab Rat out




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