Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Maximus One (no circus)


23 of the faithful PAX ran out into the foggy gloom for a good Thursday morning workout.

The thang:

Warm up – 25 SSH, 10 Don Quixote, 15 Slow Bending Squats, Alphabet Capital letters with legs together

Curb crawl – bear crawl -> irkin – crawl bear -> derkin, up to 5 and back down

Circuit – 10 pull ups, box jumps, jerkins, LBCs

21s – modified to 18s – 1 merkin increasing up to 18 with field run in between

Moleskin – excellent work this morning PAX. Today’s Q was inspired by my firstborn child Maximus, born a year ago today. Thanks to TYA for leading a Maximus workout a year ago. YHC threw in some alphabet abs, Little baby crunches, bear crawls for the kid’s current workout routine, and 18s for the year my kid will hopefully depart from our home. Way to push it on the 18s to those who finished.

Bring the 2.0s out to Saturdays Gridiron, DK is inviting all children to attend. The fake Hardywood and the real Hardywood are discussing a social event at the location Hardywood in a few weeks, stay tuned for more details.



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  1. Slight correction: although I would love to sluff it off on to the dueling Hardywood’s (and BJ’s), Lab Rat has accepted responsibility for HDHH this month. Keep your eyes peeled fire the pre blast.

    Also, fine Q this morning, and happy birthday to little Arelius!

  2. Wedding Singer I think you should really think about letting your kid leave home when he is about 10… Because if you plan on repeating that on his second birthday I am tapping out, I am smoked to the Maximus. Great Q.. Mans happy birthday to the lucky little dude.

  3. Great Q, Wedding Singer, will be stealing some of this for enjoyment in Kernersville. Many thanks to the F3 brothers in Richmond!