Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It almost happened AGAIN!


Three total showed up to what turned out to be a cool, crisp & damp morning south of the river.


Mosey to around bus loop to the basketball courts

SSH x25

Arm Circles x25 front & reverse

Don Quixotes (Wilson slow) x15

Imperial Walker x25

LBC x25

Mountain Climbers (with bonus thrusts)

Mosey to Field for the BEAST!



Seal Jacks

Imperial Walker (2 count)

Mountain Climber (2 count w/ thrust at end)


Short mosey to paved area by the track

Ring (triangle) of fire 1 round of 10 & 1 round of 5

Mary time

Cross Leg Lift x20 per leg

Freddie Mercury

Alabama Prom Date

Pickle Pounders

Finish up with jogging in place for 2 minutes or so.

Mosey back to VF. YHC took us out.


Some e-mails were traded yesterday as Lugnut has hurt himself and he needed a sub on the SOT Q. JVille & YHC both responded and YHC walked away with the opportunity to redeem himself after leaving Gumbo stranded to a solo workout some weeks back. I mean I already had a weinke prepared!

So this is where it gets dicey……..YHC alarm went off around 5:11. Yeah I don’t live 30 seconds from SOT anymore. I sprang out of the Fart Sack with a sense of urgency even waking up Wilson’s Wife (I’ll pay for that later). I jumped in the car and drove like a race car driver. Bleeder, Lugnut & Ricky Bobby would be proud. Braking into the turns, accelerating out, finding the late apex………you get the point! If you have time check out the video. Think I can convert the TL! During that drive Van Halen & Def Leopard played. It took some of the scare of being really late away, but not really. As I pull into SOT I see Gumbo’s ride and no Gumbo, but thankfully I saw Aisle 5 in the Subaru waiting. Way to stay committed Gumbo to getting your daily mile in.

I was happy to arrive as Gumbo was finishing. He made the point that Jville was going to take the Q and took the opportunity to secure the Fart Sack (I can relate).

It was a pleasure to lead today. Thanks for pushing it! Have a great day!


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  1. Nice Q Wilson – glad you showed up this time, even if it did take some race car driving to make it on time. I won’t lie – about half-way through my daily mile I noticed no cars in the parking lot and the thought of a second SOT solo workout crossed my mind. To my delight, by the time I came around on lap 3 I saw some friendly lights.

    I should have checked the date on that Weinke to see if it is what you had in store for me a while back…

    Way to push it today gents – thought we were going to make it through the Beast without burpees but no luck. Probably mandatory in order to call it The Beast though.

  2. Glad you made it Wilson, well done. I don’t know what Corporate would have done if you missed another Q. It might involve clowns and the dark.

  3. Me too! I was freaking out. If I had gotten pulled over I would have done a different rusty cage workout!

  4. Getting that mile in before 5:30 is BOSS, isnt it?!?

    Still have to get mine today….and I am not an evening runner.

  5. It’s the only way to do it.

    If you don’t, you give TYA the lead and you come back to the pack of us who have missed a day. I know it is U vs U, but you know that pride thing and all… Get ‘er done!

  6. Way to go guys. Looking to make my way back into the routine. Things got out of whack in life and just finished Ragnar, SC. Time to get back to it. Hopefully I’ll catch y’all soon.