Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Glam reprise…almost


3 River Run regulars and 1 RR virgin rolled into the parking lot,  1 on foot, for a No Glam reprise, well almost.


Mosey to the basketball courts for a warm up of SSHx20, Invisible jump ropex20, DQx10, Copperhead squatsx15.

Mosey to bus loop for agility: 2 laps doing karaoke, high knees, butt kickers, bounders and backward run.

Find a bench 20 step ups, 10 leg thrusts; 10 step ups, 20 leg thrusts; 20 step ups, 10 leg thrusts.

10/2/10 ladder -10 jump squats, 2 mountain climbers, 10 ball dippers then run a bus loop lap

Increase by 2 each time up to 20/12/20.

Back down with squats, calf raises, step behind lunges, shorten the run to across the bus loop turnaround.

Mosey back to the basketball courts for single leg APD x10, American Hammer, Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury and 2 rounds of Monkey Humper ring of fire.

Mosey back to the flag.  Numberama, Namearara, COT, YHC took us out.


A cool and clear fall morning greeted the PAX and McRib for his first of many River Run postings.  Gumbo came running in across the wet field having already put in his daily mile and not knowing YHC had a No Glam/leg day surprise for the PAX.

Flipper reminded YHC recently of a Punisher beatdown by the one we know as Splinter that was all legs, hence No Glam.  This got YHC thinking that it should come back and what better time than a Monday.  YHC recalls that beatdown very well for some reason and tried to recreate is as best as I could.  YHC added a little Mary to the end so the PAX could do a little star gazing since it was such a nice clear morning.

The convergence success amid the downpour was discussed.  The rain may have kept a few FNGs away, I know of at least 2, but it was a great event regardless.  Thanks to those who organized it.  Thanks also to Bleeder and Flashdance for the arm circles, 164, sure, why not.  Since McRib and you other government employees get this Columbus day off, enjoy, some of us in the private sector didn’t even realize today is one of those fun holidays we can only dream about.

Stay awesome, Rosie.


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  1. I’m feeling the No Glam + mileage for sure, but what a great way to kick off the week. Nice Q Rosie.

  2. As an attendee of one of Splinter’s no-glam sessions in the past, enjoy your sore thighs for the next 3 days! Those things are pain fests.

  3. Great Q Rosie and a great way to start off a Monday holiday.

    I am sure I will be feeling the burn for the next few days. I’ll just have to take it easy for the rest of the day.

    See y’all next time.