Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunny and 70 in RVA again 2x



44 faithful posted at 0600 for a Swirly beatdown, and 41 Faithful and 3 FNG posted for the 0700 for a Bleeder COP and a TYA breakdown to TYA, LugNut, Swirly and Bleeder


1st Beat Down
Mosey to COP
20x SSH
10X Don Quixote
10x Helicopters
10X Merkins

Run the VITA trail with Merkins & Knee Bends every stop

Mosey for Some Curb Crawls,

Burpee Shuffle

The Indian Run back to Shovel Flag

Abacus took us out at the COT

2nd Beat down

Mosey to Amphitheater

15X Merkins
77x LBC’s
164x Armcircles

TYA breaks the PAX into groups, Lug Nut, TYA, Swirly, and Bleeder lead groups rotating around the AO to the Cage, Trees, Carillon Green, and Amphitheather for various routines and exercising, in not particular order including a Beast, Pull -ups, Honey Do Pull ups , Pac man, Touch a tree, and Dip Ladder.

Marv took us out at the COT


First and most important, thanks to all of you for participating in this Convergence and all the other F3 activities, You guys are awesome. Swirly, TYA, Lug Nut, thanks for your Q help today could not have done this without you guys.

With 44 & 44, a total of 50 guys with most double dipping today. All making it happen in the rain, many picture perfect images happened today, the insync SSH at the start of Swirly’s Q at 0600 to the Amphitheater at 0700 with men on every step.

Welcome to the FNG’s Red Baron, Sarge, and Soprano, great day to come out for an initial taste of what it is to be F3.

Flashdance, you have no idea how happy YHC was to have you mention that you missed the arm circles at 0600. YHC had them in the deck, needless to say:a team

TYA was asking Hardywood about the new shoes he and Swirly had be demoing; He was complaining that he need something to protect his toes. Hardywood made a simple suggestion; “TYA, it helps to actually pick up your feet when you run.”


Virginia Beach F3 Launch: Nov 5th, Email Johnsonville to coordinate a Saturday workout or Clown Car down through Dec.

Sign up for the Bear Creek race Dec 4th.

Lost and Found is collect clothing next Saturday at Dog Pile.

Bleeder Out


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  1. Experience of a lifetime and beat down like no other! The awesome that is this group showed in between workouts when 2 of us went to get our mile run in, and it ended up being 10 guys.

    I am so happy and proud to be a part of F3 RVA. FEBA!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    What a great morning ! Thanks to all who came out . Solid workout … As I said in my tweet – proud to be a part of this great group of leaders !

  3. The sight of the 44 in sync on the SSH in the fog at 6 was awesome. And to add my .02 as to why this group of men makes me better personally I woke up today signed up for 25k at the Belmonte and then at ET was told I’ve been “upgraded” to the 50k. Aye!

  4. Great day and great workout fellas!

    Swirly, Bleeder, TYA, LugNut. Thanks for leading us through it this morning.

    I am also so happy, thankful and proud to be a part of this great group of men.


  5. I am REALLY bummed I missed the double dip! Looks like a serious beat down, however, there are those times not listening to Wilsons Wife will produce a different beat down! Question for the PAX. When did re-naming become a regular thing? I understand why Blue Balls needed changing to Helix, but Kevin Bacon was a cool name. I mean the guy knows everyone! MicRib??? I don’t like for anyone to get hurt and I am glad he is ok after the fall. But come on! Should we change Goldberg to Curb or Broken Toe? NO! We name the curb after him. Sorry for the rant, but honestly it’s hard enough to remember all the names as it is but with all the changes I feel like I’m losing my mind. You fellas will always be Blue Balls & Kevin Bacon in my heart! Ok I’m done. See what happens when I miss a double dip! Damn you Wilsons Wife……wait she already is! LOL

  6. Great job today guys. Thanks to Bleeder, TYA, Swirly and Lugnut for leading us through the sunny and 70 beatdown.
    Happy and proud to be associated with this group of men. Burpee shuffle with 44 guys has a different feel.

  7. Thanks to those leading today, that was an incredible morning! After a mini-hiatus from posting, I was easily reminded why I am so thankful and proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of men. Aye!!

  8. Well, having never tried a McRib I understand it is a fairly palatable quasi pork product and involves fewer syllables. Just sayin…

  9. Wilson…we definitely missed you during the 2nd hour. I also agree that the naming at F3 should be sacred, and any changes should be considered an exception and not the rule.

    That said, I will make sure I appropriately sign off as Kevin “McRib” Bacon in your presence from now on.

  10. Awesome showing today men! Like many others, I am proud to be a part of such a great group of men.

    Thanks for suggesting the run LabRat.

    Thanks to all the guys would planned the convergence – big success! Aye!

  11. Way to kickass before 0900 on a Saturday as Matthew was making his presence felt. Truly an honor to feel the pain and receive the beatdown!!
    Have a blessed week gents!~

  12. Bleeder I Wil never ask for arm circles again, my arms are smoked. Great job on the q, 2 hours of on the 1 st F and another hour of 2nd F. Thanks to all who made this happen!!! Tya and Swirly thanks for the leadership.

  13. That was a damn good day and I’m glad it rained. As I looked at the circles for both sessions I thought about the ripple effect F3 had in that exact moment. This crazy thing we do before everyone gets up is the secret sauce for being a better man. Lord knows I could use all the help I can get. Big cheers to you all. Let’s make it a great week.

  14. Excellent Q, Bleeder + others! Thanks for organizing the Convergence, it is really encouraging to see how much we’ve grown, and this large group on the fringes of a hurricane! I’m also very honored to be part of this group of quality men. Thanks to those of you who have been needling me to return to the Pax!

  15. 6:05 on a rainy and gloomy Saturday morning 44 of RVA’s finest execute SSH’s in perfect sync and in cadence and Swirly gets a chub. What a way to start the weekend. In further news went to give blood at Church on Sunday and Lady says I’m sorry sir but your pulse is only 49… Are you an athlete?? Ugh hell yeah I am an athlete F3 forever baby!!

  16. I know I’m just one part, but it was the only right thing to do for the guy who EH’ed me into going in the first place!