Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Here am I…Rock You Like A Hurricane


10 brave souls and 1 FNG came out for YHC’s VQ



SSH x25

Don Quixotic x15

LBC x 15

Alabama Prom Date x 20

Arm Circles x5 little x 5 big reverso

Mosey (about 1/2 mile) to the Ashcreek Clubhouse

Partner Suicides

One partner runs suicides on the court while the other does the exercises then switch.

Excerises as a team:

100 Merkins
200 WWII Sit Ups
150 Jump Squats

Partner Run

Mosey down to the main road, One partner exercises down the road while other partner runs ahead to the median and back. Then partners switch. Exercises were Lunge walks, Bear Crawls and Broad Jump Burpee. Repeato until everyone is at the end of the median.

Mosey back to the church ( about 1/2 mile)

Tunnel of Love

While Pax plank side by side, one by one someone crawls under the tunnel of planking pax. Repeato until the Pax reaches the dumpster (about 75 yards)


YHC took us out


YHC was excited about his VQ so he shows up extra early to get everything set up but find Sugar Baby as already arrived. Great job Sugar Baby for Posting early!

Abacus forgot the shovel flag so the YHC didn’t get the experience of planting the flag. Oh well maybe next time

The PAX was very supportive of the YHC’s VQ. Everyone work as a team and got things done.

Welcome to GumBand. Excited to have you and hope to see you more and more


Two-hour convergence this Saturday at Dogpile starting at 6:00 AM with 7:00 AM start especially for FNGs.

Bel Monte 50K – Put is on your calendar gents.  March 11, 2017.  There are 25K and 50K options. See Circle K for details

Spit on that!!



  1. AWESOME work, Spit! You win the prize for least amount of time between completion of workout and posting of BB.

    Love Love Love the signoff!

  2. Great VQ Spit. Loved the Partner Suicides. Welcome Gumband, hope to see you at future workouts.

  3. Fantastic Q Spit. Nice having strategic parking away from the start, and traffic cones pre-set for suicides. Not fair. Never thought we’d mosey for 10 min right after warm ups. RESPECT! Not bad for a YOUNG man.