Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#SOT, the Funhouse of Distractions


Six of the faithful posted at #SOT this morning. Discussions, of course, centered around Hurricane Matthew, its current track, and its potential impact on F3Richmond’s 2-year anniversary. Johnsonville cut those off, planting a VSF and seizing the Q role. This is what went down, more or less:

Mosey to bus loop by school to escape the roar of the single school bus warming up in our parking lot.

Robust warmup, including SSH, crab cakes, don quiotes, scap merkins, LBCs, imperial walkers, hillbillies, etc.

Run lap around bus loop.

Line up along sidewalk for ascending curb crawls to 10.

Run lap around bus loop.

Group up in grass for ascending burpee / wall planks (do 5 burpees, then 1 wall plank; do 5 burpees, then 2 wall planks; do 5 burpees, then 3 wall planks, etc. to 10).

Plank sequence. Mosey to basketball court.

COP with Alabama Prom Dates

Plank on line along basketball court lane for ascending plank walk / jump squats (do plank walk along lane, then 1 jump squat; do plank walk along lane, then 2 jump squats; do plank walk along lane, then 3 jump squats; etc. to 10).

Line up on end line. Crabwalk to center of court. Feet-first crab walk back. Flip and bear crawl to center of court.

COP with var. Mary


The temperature was perfect this morning, and men showed up mentally and physically ready for some honest work. It was a good day, but the AO brought out a series of rather puzzling distractions.

First, there was the normal bus roaring in the parking lot by the track (OUR parking lot). The school must have dozens of buses. Why does that one always warm up in our parking lot? Why does it need to be so smelly and loud? I thought most government officials actually bought into the idea of man-made global warming.

Second, commencing during our very first short mosey (to escape the roaring, smelly school bus), the school’s fire alarm tripped and was steadily droning away for most of the remaining 44.5 minutes of the workout. A firetruck arrived around back with bright lights flashing but, stayed a while, and (inexplicably) departed without turning off the obnoxious alarm.

Third, after our first run around the bus loop, a Chesterfield Couty police officer pulled up into the bus loop and started eyeing Rosie very suspiciously. I thought for sure that we were about to get cuffed and taken to the station for questioning. Thankfully, the deputy did not seem very interested in a bunch of middle-aged men demeaning themselves by crawling around on the ground.

Distractions aside, we were very glad to have FNG Tesla out. Tesla says that he was previously involved in regular cross-fit, but that he has fallen out of shape. There was a lot of planking and crawling around today, and those things are not easy even for the regulars. Tesla did a good job modifying and stopping when he had had enough. I look forward to seeing him grow stronger.

Great job this morning, southsiders!



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  1. Great workout Jville, the shoulders are definitely fatigued. The fire alarm serenading us helped to shake off any leftover sleep fog for sure. Hated to cut out so quick but I was already late and had to rush home for chauffeur duties.

  2. Strong work J’ville. It appeared you were channeling your inner Earthworm with the ground & pound.

  3. Nice Q Jville, including the signature Jville hops! Welcome Tesla – keep with it man, you will kill those curb crawls in no time.