Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The field of Dreams


We started with 25 SSH, 10 merkins and 10 arm circles

The Thang:

3 rounds of 25 incline merkins 25 leg lifts 25 dips than we ran 2 laps.

We were going to do 4 rounds but the run was kicking our butts so we ended with 3

than 10 american hammers, 10 leg lifts 10 jump ups

Next came the ground and pound of bar crawls front back and side

We ran back to  the Flag!!

Thanks men for letting me lead today don’t forget to head lock FNGs for this sat convergence 6-8 at Dogwood Dell.

Flashdance over and out!!



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  1. Nice beatdown Flashdance. And they said it couldn’t be done… fit a BackBlast into a Tweet!
    I want to note I almost have Rosie EH’ed for the Belmonte.

  2. Are you sure that was it? I thought there were some hollow holds, burpees and slow incline merkins in there too. I guess that’s what you get when you put it all into 140 characters.
    Thanks for keeping us on the fields Flashdance, that grass might be more comfortable than my bed.
    Belmonte is on my radar if I can work around milestone vacations.