Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mud? What Mud?


Two rugged maniacs escaped the sack for a Saturday morning beatdown.  Here’s how it went down.


  • Mosey around waiting area
  • Don Quixote Abe Vigoda style
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Lunges
  • Copperhead Squats

Mosey 5 kilometers through mud, muck, and mire.  Navigate over, under, through 25 obstacles of varying difficulty testing the PAX’s strength, agility, balance, grit and determination.


In true F3 style, the PAX arrived in the early morning gloom to a nearly empty parking lot.  YHC arrived at 0815 to secure the perimeter for a scheduled 1000 beatdown, only to have the remaining PAX arrive just a few minutes later.   Prior to this beatdown YHC had never competed in any sort of organized race before and thought perhaps the Rugged Maniac would be a fun first post.  It was indeed fun, but more challenging and humbling than expected.  Running through 3 plus miles of ankle deep mud is exhausting.  While it was still a you vs. you workout, YHC was proud to wear that F3 logo on his chest and felt compelled to represent the F3 Nation well while showing some of the other groups exactly what F3 is all about.  YHC was grateful to have Flipper alongside to push him the entire way.  Flipper’s effort out there was second to none.  Despite a number of scratches and abrasions, a Goldberg, and a deep thigh contusion, the PAX muscled through and crossed the finish line together as one strong with a finishing time just over 51 minutes.  Special thanks to Mrs. Flipper and Flip Dog Jr. for coming out to support the PAX in this CSAUP adventure.

Finished the day with a little 2nd F and some refreshments.


Bear Creek 10 miler 12/4 – join Lab Rat and others

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  1. Great job fellas! The repeated slogs through the mud definitely adds an element. It’s still fun, but y’all look remarkably un-muddy?

  2. Nice work Flipper and EF!!

    Oh and since there was a mention of him, there was a Goldberg sighting Saturday at Dogpile where he was knocking out burpees with one good foot prior to his 24 hour MCV shift.

  3. A year ago I couldn’t run a 5k on flat dry pavement. So this was a challenge. Every single step was a possible slip/fall/ankle snap. Actually saw the medics carry a couple people out with sprained ankles. So praise God for only normal beatdown related injuries. In an epic F3 move EF Hutton waited about 50 yards from the finish line and we finished together as an F3 team (he didn’t need to wait long BTW) No pax left behind. That’s why I love this group !! Thanks to Toga, BT, Saab, and all the BRR dudes for being an inspiration to us all.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job guys. Swirly would be proud of you for securing the AO pre workout. It’s a critical job that needs to be done!

  5. If anyone wants to run the next Rugged Maniac on May 6, 2017 the registration fee is $39 through October 28th with promo code 17VA. Let me know if you plan to sign up.