Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

100s for Saab


Seventeen sweaty and soggy faithful posted to Dogpile for yet another rainy and humid beatdown. Theme for the day was 100 in respect to our brother Saab undertaking the Cloudsplitter today.  It went down like this:

COP:  100 SSH, 100 Merkins, 100 LBCs.  SSH were IC.

Mosey to field:  100 PLTs, each partner 4 sets up to 100.  Then Elbow plank – Indian run to end of field.  Then Burpee Road, but escalating.  All the way up to 8 burpees at the 8th streetlight.

Mosey down road to right.  Partner up again.  Bear crawl across street and up hill to top & back while partner does Donkey Kicks.  Switch and repeato.

Mosey back to Burpee road.  Same thing 1-8 increasing burpees at every streetlight.

Mosey to Carillon.  10 burpees more.  Partner up again.  Run up and around Carillon while partner does Freddy Mercurys.  9 more burpees.  Mosey back to the rcircle.  American Hammers then round out to PAX’s 100th burpee.  Mosey back to the flag.

NMS:  YHC enlisted some help from the PAX to call out Cloudsplitter during exercises to change the count to 100.  Lab Rat, always game, started with the 1st call at SSH.  100 of those in cadence is awful.  Calling cadence throughout is even worse, but when compared to running 100 miles today not so bad.

The rain started back up during the PLTs.  YHC actually enjoyed the rain as it washed off the grass and other muck hitting my face while knocking those out.  YHC was impressed with all the ground the PAX covered that Fudd was able to follow directions without the usual diagrams and printed instructions sometime required.

The Bear Crawl / Donkey kicks proved to wipe out the PAX.  YHC decided to run down the hill the first time and proceeded to wipe out hard at the bottom.  The audible to 2 rounds instead of 4 was well received.

The rest of the beatdown was a blur of burpees and rain.  Way to hit the 100 burpees PAX!  Mumblechatter centered around Saab’s race today of course.  During the burpees back on the road Trophy lamented his choice of attending a Honeydo Q.  YHC savors those comments.

What was even better was seeing Receptile, Flatline, and Taxi Cab posting again.  Great to have some energy from the recent FNGs in the PAX.

Announcements:   Convergence next Saturday, 2 hour.  The 6:00 show is totally different from the 7:00 show.  F3 Hampton Roads kicks off 1st week in November.  See Jville for more details.  Lab Rat has issued the Oct monthly challenge to run 1 mile every day.  There was some debate on whether beatdown mosey’ing counts but the challenge required contiguous (not necessary straight line) running of 1 mile.

Good luck Saab!


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  1. Brutal beat down, as always HoneyDo! Thanks for dragging me and Upchuck along afterwards to get that first check mark for run a mile.

    Go get some, Saab!

  2. Way to go PAX and great idea Honey Do. Strong work and nice touch to think about Saab – who I know is cruising through those miles at the Cloudsplitter.

    It is great to see the recent FNGs back out for more fun in the gloom. They learned that Honey Do theme Qs are no messing around…see Grunge tribute day in 90 degree weather.

    So bummed that I missed it. Stuck at work until the a.m. hours and couldn’t escape the fartsack in time. Did manage to log a couple miles this morning though, so Oct. challenge is off to a good start.

  3. That was all Upchuck. He dragged me on the run, glad we did. I also ran a half mile, took a break, then ran the last half later. I call it the Grover Cleveland.

  4. That was a brutal beat down Honeydo. It was almost as hard as a Fudd Q. 😉 I guess I should be happy to get a mention on the backblast, but I can’t help but feel slightly insulted at the propagation of your unfounded claim to my inability to understand instruction. Actually, you’re too smart for this. Toga must be paying you to continue with this charade.

    Go Saab!!!