Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Driest Wet Fields Ever


12 strong converged to meet the wet day with a beat down that went something like this:

SSH x 28, Merkins x 12, DQ x 10, Mtn Climbers x 20, Crab Cakes x 20, LBC x 20

Mosey to Basketball Courts for Kig of Hearts (suicides)
forward, backward, plank-o-rama, karayoke, al-gore-o-rama

Bear Crawl to middle, split pax in half, Crawl Bear back.
Crabwalk Pacman
4 rounds: 3 pacmen vs 9 ghosts

Mosey to Soccer fields
Lindsay: Pole smokers + monkey humpers (run a lap if you finish early)

Mosey to field
Blimp across field & back
5 burpee broad jumps, 10 imperial squat walker steps, 15 lunges, 20 bear crawl strides (come back to 6 after each round) 3 rounds.

Mosey to bleachers
Triple check: muscle ups, dips, run width of field

Mosey back to SF
Capital Letters to spell “BILLS BEAT CARDINALS”

COT: Gumbo took us out


After drenching rains, the sky was dry for the entire workout. The fields at Huguenot Park continue to not disappoint. That might have been the driest YHC has been after a “wet” workout.

YHC really enjoyed the pacman, though the ghosts won each round.

Hardywood set an impressive pace in the Blimps…glad there was a restrictor plate to keep PAX together.

Toga’s Spartan experience was discussed in detail. He would do it again but not at Wintergreen. Don’t ask him about it. Seriously.

– Virginia Beach expansion starting the first Saturday in November. Clown car from RVA to Mt Trashmore for 6 saturdays in a row. No word yet if Wilson will be in said clown car.
– HDHH at Crossroads Wednesday night. See Hardywood for details
– Convergence Saturday 10/8, 6:00am @ Dogpile


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  1. Impressed with our numbers this morning, gents! Sorry for not bringing music, Flashdance. Next time…

  2. Strong Q DK. I liked the variety. Man, those Pacman crabwalks were killer. Just glad I avoided the DK pick to keep RB from breaking free. Nice try.

    Great to see Flatline back out for another workout.