Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



5 pax met up for the weekly running of the tomato’s, and here is what went down:


This morning’s route was a little fluid, and we generally just went out for a morning run.  The plan was to head in to King’s Charter and run to the 5 mile turnaround, but we made a group decision to turn another way.  The change in route caused us to have to make some modifications to add length at the end, so Spike led us to the trail around the lake at Honey Meadow.  Total distance was 4.7 miles.


-What looked like 4 pax morphed into 5, as Kit Kat caught up to us at the entrance to Honey Meadows.

-Sticky was having a battle of wills with his knees, so he and No Deal turned around a little early.  Smart call, the knees will always win.

-Chatter during the run revolved around fantasy football, F3 name changes, and the ineffectiveness of lights worn around the waist.

-YHC is really digging the runs on Monday, which have been more often than not turning in to “bro code” runs.  For the most part, we run as a pax and the conversation is high.  Emphasis has been on running as a group instead of getting in the most bang for the buck.  Lab Rat approved for sure.

-Also, the absence of Opus this morning was noted, as Lab Rat had a song memorized for him as promised.  You snooze, you lose.


Lab Rat out


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