Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpee Quota Exceeded


21 F3 RVA regulars and 1 FNG fought off the tug of the fartsack to start the day with a beatdown that went something like this:

Mosey to soccer field for short COP, as the PAX had much to accomplish this am.  Exercises included:

Merkins x 15 IC

SSH Burpees x 1 (Five SSH IC followed by 2 burpees

Merkins x 10 IC (YHC had enough of counting and wanted to get straight to the meat of the beatdown)

Mosey to far corner of school grounds for the Burpee Block. – Run to each corner of the block to encompasses the school and perform seven Burpees at each corner.  Plan when done.

Form four teams for Field of Dreams.  PAX count off 1-4 (this was more difficult for the PAX than YHC anticipated) with 1s going to first base, 2s to second base, 3s at third base and the 4s at homeplate.  PAX performs exercises at 1st (Merkins AMRAP), 2nd (LBCs AMRAP), 3rd (Squats AMRAP) and 10 burpees at home.  When the team doing burpees finishes they move to 1st and the rest of the PAX moves around the bases until all teams have performed 10 burpees.

Line along the soccer field perpedicular to Cary for Suicides using the first four trees as the touch points.  Suicides performed included:

Regular suicide

Reverse suicide (start with furthest touch point and work your way back)

Burpee Suicide (perform burpee at each touch point)

Backwards Suicide (run backwards while performing suicide)

Polar Bear (bear crawl to each touch point and perform a merkin until you reach fourth tree)

Dell Brown (crab walk back to first tree stopping at each touch point to perform one merkin)

Mosey to far corner of school grounds near Cary for Ascending Burpees (run to 1st light pole-perform 1 burpee, 2nd light – 2 burpees, Repeato until you reach Grove stopping at each light and performing the corresponding number of burpees. YHC thinks we got to eight light poles.

Mosey to area near parking lot for 4 minutes of Mary.  Exercises included:

Alabama Prom Dates x 20

Freddie Mercury x 25

LBCs x 30

5 Burpees OYO

COT. YHC took us out with prayer asking God for guidance for the men of F3 RVA to go out into the world and use their gifts to make the day better for someone else.


Spartan race this weekend.  Good Luck Toga and BT

Bear Creek 10 mile-12.4.16 Sign up soon as race fills up quick.

F3RVA Convergence 10-8-16.  Details to follow

CSAUP event in the planning stages for late fall.  Details to follow.

NMM : YHCs plan this morning was to exceed the PAX Burpee quota for the month so BT and Toga would not have to do any Burpees this weekend during their Spartan Race at Wintergreen.  They can tell the Spartan folks that the PAX performed their burpees for them beforehand.  Good luck this weekend fellas.  YHC also borrowed a tactic employed by Swirly and purposefully not including any 10 counts, which proved to be problematic as YHC was having difficulty announcing the next version of Suicide, as YHC was trying to suck in as much air as possible.  Way to work through the suicides this am gents, as that is a favorite of YHC.  Saab informed YHC that this was a virgin Circle K Q for himself and that he would never forget.  YHC thinks he can take that as a compliment.  Total Burpee count this am = 85.  While that is a lot of burpees, what makes it more impressive is that the PAX crushed 85 burpees while running the entire beatdown.  Burpees and Running always pleases the PAX.

Welcome to FNG – Snookie.  Hope to see you back out at 45 MOM as you have no excuse living directly across the street from Mary Munford

Thanks for allowing me to take the lead this morning and get the burpees out of my system.

Circle K



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  1. 85 Burpees – Impressive. Way to work fellas. Makes swinging that 50lb kettlebell this morning seem like the easy way out.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job circle k. Njoyed the workout.

    Best of luck to bt and toga. Slay the race gents

  3. My shoulders are toast!!! We ran 2.1 miles with burpees, that is a crowd please favorite for sure. Thanks again Cirlce K and welcome Snookie!!!

  4. At the start, when you jumped right in to Merkins instead of SSH’s I aptly heard someone yell “what the f%$@”…a testament to the ensuing beat-down you delivered. Snookie made the comment that the Q was possibly showing off…a testament to how challenging today’s workout was.

    Lab Rat was in true form today…not sure if Dutch was more worn-down from the Burpees or Lab Rat’s streaming commentary regarding the burpee count and guidance on the importance of pacing one’s self.