Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lindsay Showed up without Rosie. She’s such a hussie


11 pax plus an FNG showed up for a leg stretcher at Atlee HS this morning.  This is what transpired:

Parking Lot Tracers


  • X28 SSH
  • X20 Ball Dippers
  • X20 Don Quixote
  • X10 Scapula Merkins (for Toga)
  • X20 Freddie Mercury’s


Run to Cool Springs track for a round of Lindsay’s:

  • X30 Merkins, X10 Partner Leg Tossses; run to next corner X25 Merkins, X15 PLT’s, and so on until everybody is back at starting point for X10 merkins, X30 PLT’s

Pullups, Indiginous Peoples run style:

  • Plank up, first guy hits the bar for pullups X10 while last guy spots him.  Last guy joins plank line, first guy now spots second guy.  Continue thru until all pax had a turn on bars.

Just Killin’ Time:  Start mosey back to flag, stopping along the way to utilize the lay of the land.

  • Bleachers:  X30 dips OYO
  • Ditch:  X20 WWII situps (declined)
  • street lights:  Ascending burpees to bus loop
  • Bus Loop:  X20 American Hammers IC
  • Street lights:  Descending burpees to parking lot

Mary:  Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercury’s



Short and sweet today as YHC has actual work to do for a change.  Great to see Toga come up from points South to see what DaVille was all about.  He commented he could have posted to Spider Run and run less (DaVille is sprawled out, for those that havent made it up yet).  That made Lab Rat’s heart happy.  Not much to comment on, as it was really dark and all pax were busy getting work done.  The pace was pushed this morning and YHC felt that the pax got much work in for a 45 minute workout.

One item of note: during Name-o-rama, Blue Balls tried to get away with “BB”, the pax did not let that slide.  A Resounding “BLUE BALLS” from pax let him know what’s up.  Again, sorry dude.

YHC would like to extend a laurel &hearty handshake to FNG Gazer, who came out after being EH’d by Anchovy and Circle K at the ReeseStrong event on Saturday.  It was a tough first workout, but he rolled with the punches and put in a stellar debut.  The pax hopes you will become a regular with us.


-“The Creek” starting up Friday at New Highland Baptist Church at 5:30, a bootcamp workout.  Abacus has the reigns on this one.

New monthly challenge posted for October.  Sign up early and often:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-L8e9W24ygnU0suaGyKxzi1PgPqY1CBd57hLrKTZI-g/edit?ts=563e70a3#gid=1017786714

Happy Birthday F3 RVA!  2 years old…..WOOT!


Lab Rat out.


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  1. That beatdown sounds tougher than the one I had planned. Thanks for taking the Q this morning as I nurse an injury.

  2. @Lab Rat: thanks for leading today!
    @Abacus: I’m still thrown off a bit by the discussion of a new AO at a Baptist church followed by your promotion of some event with craft beer. I must have misunderstood.
    @Circle K: Hopefully the gynecologist will fix you up and get you back out there real soon.

  3. Thanks for the call out Lab Rat, I know one of your favorite things is being mentioned in a backblast that you don’t post too, feels like I’m appreciated. Glad I have the reputation for bringing the ladies out, although from the BRR BB I learned Wilson likes to talk to them too.

  4. @Circle K: Any time, hope the back/va-jay-jay heals up quick.

    @Toga: Your welcome, glad to help you taper!

    @Rosie: I know you travel with a harem, and I appreciate the loan. Im all about spreading some backblast love! Plus I briefly saw Old Glory hit Southside. YUCK, yall are probably needing some about now.