Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not a Run anymore


4 strong and faithful escaped the fartsack on the first wet morning in a while for the inaugural RiverRun boot camp.  After receiving a text from Wilson that he was running late and taking a lap around the front of the school and watching him come in hot, here’s how it went down.

Mosey to the service area parking for warmup in the lights waiting for Wilson.

SSHx25, Helicopter x10, ACx15 forward and reverse, Crab Cakes – interrupted by early morning school employee

Mosey around the playground track to the large playgound.

Pull-ups/Captain Thors Elevens style but to a sum of 6 – 5/1, 4/2…

Move to the middle of the track for Bearpees across the short side.  4 count bear crawl, 1 burpee; 8 count,2 burpee…continue with 4:1 ratio across the field

Mosey to the field on the side of the school for a beast with PAX choice, adding 2 rounds to even out the choices:  merkins, jump squats, monkey humpers, 1-leg werkins, WWII, imperial walkers, jumpers, and boxcutters.

Backward run across the field, down to the bottom of the hill for Pole Smoker Indigenous People run.  Backward up the hill, sprint across field.

Mary – Flutterkicks, Dollies, American Hammers


YHC did a little recon on the AO with the 2.0’s over the weekend since this has been a running AO and we haven’t looked into other options there too much.  We tested out the bars for pull ups and YHC always like to include those when possible.  The playground field was in great shape yesterday but a little soggy after last nights rain.  Having never done them before, the Bearpees are a great way to travel, especially when you get over 4.  The field to the side of the school was a little damp but only in a few spots as Wilson tried to stay upright on the Beast until we had to get down for some WWII.  YHCs recon did not get to the other side of the field and during the Beast a line of poles were calling our name so a little detour was in order to get some pole smokers in.

All in all, a promising AO with plenty of options, Gumbo has already signed up for next week and I’m sure he will show us some more of the AO.

Congrats to the PAX that participated in the Reese Strong 5K, looks like a great event.  Good luck to Toga and BT in conquering the Spartan Saturday and Offshore with the bike race.  EF Hutton on 10/1 for the Rugged Maniac.  Johnsonville and Dreamliner are heading up the Va Beach/Hampton Roads expansion, dates TBD.

Looking forward to more from this AO.  Great work today.


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  1. What a great workout today Rosie! The AO looks promising with plenty of ground to cover. I’ll try to be on time next week.Now that I’ve overcome my running in the dark fear (not really), I need something else to focus on. Staying dry sounded good today!

  2. Strong inaugural River Run bootcamp. Great Q Rosie. A real shame that the crab-cakes got interrupted…phew! Those bearpees are no joke.

    Definitely a solid AO for a bootcamp. I look forward to exploring it more. Tell all of your Southside/Chesterfield friends to start their weeks off right and come join us for River (Not a) Run.