Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Special Guest @ Dogpile !


YHC was delighted to see all of the pax this morning along with a special out of town F3 guest OBT ! A beautiful morning indeed – and here is how we rolled..

Warm ups : 20 SSH, 10 windmills, 10 helicopters – 10 Arm Circles – 10 Imperial Walkers – 10 APD”s 10 LBC’s.

Rusty Cage : 3 sets of 5 overhand pull ups – 3 sets of 5 under hand pull ups

Rusty Cage 2 : on the dips bars – partner holding feet. 3 sets of 5 overhand pull ups 3 sets of 5 under hand pull ups.

Dips Ladder : 18-1 down the amp theatre – work it back up 2 incline per step 18- steps.

Short side beast : width of the field – run to 25 yard line 6 exersice  – 50 yard line  6 exercise  – 25 yard line 6 exercise – return the same way. 6 reps @ each yard line – exercises were – Jump Shot Squats – WW 11 situps – Merkins – LBC’s- Seal Jacks – Burpee’s

Pole Smoker Indian Run : 4 pole smokers while pax holds 6 inches till the end of the poles…

Burpee Shuffle : Shuffle feet – a member of the pax going clock wise says burpee or go – everyone does a burpee .

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins while pax holds plank all the way around!

Mary : Cross leg lifts 10 each leg – 10 rosalita’s – 10 Flutter kicks, 20 LBC’s

YHC loves to see the energy of the pax on a Sat dogpile morning… BT announced to the pax that YHC was full of piss and vinegar (IE: A typical Swirly Q) .. The rusty cage was a huge crowd favorite – lot’s of grunting and moaning – YHC and Sippy were giving it everything on those last reps – 1-3 ok – 3-5 rough.. I hear from the rest of the pax this is what they felt as well…. YHC gave the pax a small gift working our way up in the theatre after the dips ladder and heard gumbo and Wilson mumble chatter – Swirly gift – yeah we will be paying for this later…

The short side beast – was not short 🙂 the pole smoker Indian run was long and everyone just loves to finish up with a burpee shuffle and a ring of fire..

Great job today guys – It was a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men. Huge props to those in the pax that went out and ran the 5k in the heat F3 style           ( Merkins Squats every 5 min)  that’s F3 style – also thanks to everyone who came out to support such a worthy cause…

Bear Creek – sign up now  F3RVA baby10 mile trails – food cold beer – fellowship 12/4/16

Keep BT and Toga in your thoughts as they tackle the Spartan this coming weekend – you guys will do great !

Hampton Roads : we will be asking a few of the pax to help lead a workout in Hampton Roads – Dreamliner is taking the lead down there – atta baby….. Your brothers in RVA will be there buddy..

YHC is exhausted – BRR – ran to Battuea – did no toll – WDOG – Wed hill run- Mary Mumford – RAMM and Q’d dogpile today… Swirly is taking tomorrow off..

Excellent week guys – y’all are the best – have a great rest of the weekend.

Swirly out


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  1. I was very much the LIFO today yet highly impressed at what was accomplished by all this morning…Swirly Q’s never disappoint. 5K was a good time . Tclaps to Lab Rat for pushing along an F3 contingent and coming up with the F3 challenge. We really made a strong impression today.

    Well deserved rest Swirly. Saab out

  2. Great to see such a large PAX get after it this morning in the gloom. Glad to have OBT back in RVA and welcome Kingpin.

  3. Great Q as always Swirly. Jam packed and no rest. Appreciated the small gift though! Heck of a week, Swirly – you’re a machine.

    Sorry I had to miss the 5K. Way to represent fellas.

    Great to to meet Dreamliner and OBT today. Thanks for making the trip to be with us.

    Welcome Kingpin – breaking in on a Swirly Dogpile is no easy task but you were up for the challenge.

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    That was a solid beat down. The 5k felt like a half marathon after that! BT is used to the predawn workouts and obviously needs to practice running in the heat of the day;)