Thursday, January 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The training continues !


2 strong posted for the Wed evening hill run and here is how it went down…

Hillcrest Loop : 5:30 PM – run the loop – nice and easy pace 4 laps .

YHC and TYA had a great run yesterday afternoon post BRR.. A beautiful evening for a run we set out to tackle Hillcrest .. Both of us felt great – 4 laps was the right amount – not too little not too much.. We are going to keep the Wed evening runs going so come on out after work and enjoy some hills and fellowship. We did not hit TYA’s patio or ET’s for a cold one or two last night but I am sure that we will continue that tradition as well in the near future.. Look forward to seeing members of the pax out there next week and the weeks to come.. BRR 360 days out !


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