Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Reminiscence of the BRR


18 gentlemen showed for a tour-de-Mary Munford today. This is what transpired

COP: SSH, Arm Circles, LBC’s

Traverse field end-to-end. Perform designated drill at each quarter and goal line. Increment by stated number (e.g. by 2’s, 3’s, etc.) –
2-count (Reference to the “number-two” Fudd left on someone’s front yard during his BRR leg)
3-count (The dollars Marv spent on a shower at the firehouse in between BRR legs. Thanks to a sagging tarp separating the men and women, Marv got much more than his money’s worth)
4-count (Approximate dollars Marv spent on tomato juice in an effort to eradicate the odor from his shoe – which resulted from his (literal) run-in with a skunk.)

Triple check (6-inch hold, flutter kicks, run out and do 5 merkins then run back)

Alternating Bear crawl/run by each tree to corner. Advance to curb: Bear crawl out, crab crawl back. Ascending/Descending Merkins (1-7 then back down to 1)

Burpee shuffle, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers/Russian Twists (personal choice on Commie/non-Commie version)


Nice to be back to a boot-camp post-BRR. YHC enjoyed recounting some of his favorite anecdotes from the BRR (see above). Lab Rat expressed an appreciation in performing an exercise that did not require counting (e.g. scissor kicks) – presumably because it did not then interfere with his ability to talk (can’t imagine such a circumstance). As expected, Saab-instructions were occasionally vague or mis-directing, but the PAX improvised well.

Thoughts and prayers went out to Bleeder and his family.

Announcements: ReeseStrong this Saturday. Bear Creek signup (it fills up quick). Hampton Roads Outreach (see TYA).

Saab abides.


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  1. Great work today everyone. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help lead and spend time with such a great group of guys.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great beat down as usual Saab – Grumpy Saab – Happy Saab – makes no difference – when you are the Q it’s always a solid workout.. Way to work this morning guys..
    See y’all in the gloom !

  3. Great Q Saab! Was thoroughly entertained by the themed workout and storytelling. That made the gloom feel not so gloomy today.

    Thanks for leading.


  4. Sorry for the mess there. I thought it deleted my comment, so I tried to duplicate. You get the picture.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    So you can do it all in one day as long as you are streaking? Now that sounds like a challenge for you, Saab!

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    So you can do it all in one day as long as you are streaking? Now that sounds like a challenge for you, Saab!

  7. What a relief. When Lab Rat mentioned “the Streak” I thought I was the only one who would get the reference. I will take that under advisement. I fear such a stunt would get us bumped back to Nomad status and I would incur the wrath of Toga.

  8. Good workout today! I think we could have done copperhead squats for Fudd as more appropriate to his antics.

    Sounds like Labrat is streaking the quad in October….daily.

    Good beatdown!