Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Practice What You Preach


A Magnificent 7 (note: I didn’t say “The Magnificent 7” due to naming rights owned by MGM.., props to my bald homie Yul Brynner) posted for a classic kettlebell workout.


Warmup COP: Mtn Climbers, scapula merkins, scorpions (hug mother earth while laying facedown and try to reach the back of your right foot to left hand.., you just gotta see it), supermans, windmills, unweighted goblet squats

COP with 15 count rest between all:  kb swing x15, 1 arm kb swing x10 ea arm, 1 arm kb clean x10 ea arm, kb push press x10 ea arm, kb bottoms-up clean x10 ea arm, kb windmill (more on that later), goblet squat 3×10, hand 2 hand kb swing x40, unweighted (for most of us) Turkish get-up x5 ea leg, alt shoulder press x10, kb snatch x10 ea arm

Mosey to columns by school for: partner 1 farmer carries 2 kbs down and back while partner 2 executes wall planks (start in plank 2 ft from wall then move both hands to wall) till partner 1’s return, repeato x3

Mary:  Rosie’s infamous prom date to kb press to kb over and back x15 (what the hell do we call these?), weighted sit-ups till time expired

NMM:  In full disclosure, YHC was in a fog for the first 15 minutes.  In my defense, while reviewing the Facebook post of BRR pics this morning, YHC was greeted with way too many pics of shirtless Lab Rat.  Really!?  Bleeder has a stash of shirts in his car.  Should we start a clothing drive?  The F3 term for this = Chippendale.

Re the title of the BB, YHC tried to add some new items to the workout and thought the kb windmill looked great.  That said, YHC did not test this maneuver and nearly crippled myself during the demo.    If anyone can learn from this, make sure to test any special moves before expecting the PAX to take them on.  Speaking of taking on a little extra work, the Turkish Get-up (Capt Oveur, “Joey, have you ever been in a… in a Turkish prison?”), is a messy/complicated move without weight.  YHC encouraged everyone to continue to work on form without weight, but did that stop the Mighty JVille?  Of course not, it can’t be done.  JVille proceeded to eschew the Q’s advice and tackle the weighted version.  He can report on the result.

Strong work from the PAX on a workout that seemed to fly by unless you were doing wall planks.

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  1. first off, thanks for mentioning me in a BB I didnt post to, one of my favorite things! Any press is good press!

    Sedondly, I have been thinking about this lately. IF it was the pool or the beach and I wore a shirt, it would look weird. But on a run when you get all sweaty it’s taboo? Doesnt make sense. I guess I’ll continue to do things the Lab Rat way and party on…sans shirt. A bonus that it makes Toga and Fudd uncomfortable.

    Wilson always wears two shirts, one for him and one for me!

  2. Great work today gents and great Q Toga. I’m definitely feeling those wall planks. Those are sure to make a return appearance soon. It is crazy how the KB exercises hit you after the fact. After weeks off from the Circus, I’m feeling it. All good!

  3. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Screaming calves and sore abs are not the pain points I expected today. Well done. The post workout beers were a nice touch, too!