Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spartan takeover of Spider Run


7 and 1 FNG posted for a very atypical Spider Run.  The weather, the hills, and the ROPE were perfect.  The Thang:

Run by the lake, past the Robins Center and behind the fraternity houses to come out on Wheeler.  Make a left up to Ridge Top and start heading down Shrewsbury to YHC’s back driveway.  The PAX picked up a token(s) (kettle bells, dumbbells, cinder block…), walked them up to the stop sign at the Ridge Top intersection, back down to the Horsepen intersection, ran up to and climbed the rope hanging from the Toga family sweetgum tree, and then ran back to the Horsepen intersection to repeat till 0605.  Mosey back to UR and backwards run laps till time expired.

NMM:  In all fairness, YHC thought there would only be 2-3 people at Spider Run.  What we got was Zima (now an established Spider Run regular) continuing his EH spree with FNG Matlock and a cast of other characters.  YHC also needed to work in some Spartan race style shenanigans to get ready for 9/24.  Enter the extended, uphill farmer’s carry and rope climbs.

The PAX killed it with on all fronts except for BT’s rope burn (looks like someone is going to be buying some sexy stockings for the race) and someone who refused to even attempt the rope climb (hint: name rhymes with Swedish automobile).

Welcome to Matlock who was most certainly expecting a run around UR.  I’m sure it will be more like that next time.

Announcements:  Congrats to both BRR teams on such a strong performance!

ReeseStrong 5k this Saturday:  http://www.reesestrong.org/reesestrong-5k/

Spartan Race 9/24

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  1. I too was disappointed at Volvo’s lack of participation on the ropes. Nice change up Toga…it was a good way to burn off all the lactic acid from BRR this weekend.

    Impressed by the hard work shown by all those (not me) moving up and down the hill with weights in hand. Way to work fella’s

    Saab abides (sometimes not)

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid Q, Toga. I definitely could have used a controlled descent on the rope. And I hope your kids don’t have nightmares about frogmen climbing around in their trees in the middle of the night with headlamps on.