Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Field Trip to Bryan Park


Four strong posted to get the week started out right at the Punisher.


COP:  SSH IC x30, Jack Hammers IC x20, Stick in the Mud IC x15, Peter Parker IC x20, Pickle Pounders IC x15

Merkin Mile: Run to soccer field at Bryan Park.  Do 10 Merkins at each intersection OYO.

One lap of four corners on one half of the soccer field: 10 Van Halen burpees, 20 Lt. Dans, 30 single count Penguins, plank, 20 shoulder taps IC.

Mary Mile: Run back to Holton.  At each intersection, shoulder taps until six arrives, then dealer’s choice of a Mary exercise x10 IC (except for burpees).  Exercises included: American hammers, flutter kicks, LBCs, Freddie Mercurys, burpees, WWII situps, Hello Dollys, box cutters, APDs.

Mosey to picnic benches.  Hail Mary x10, then partner run to monkey bars for pull ups x5.  Mosey to the SF.


Toucan opened the AO this morning.  YHC was worried he had fallen asleep in his vehicle, but he emerged in time to put on an impressive performance during the workout.

With most of the playground still out of commission, YHC felt the urge to get off campus.  Fresh from finishing Peter Parkers, Toga became one with an enormous spider web at the entrance to Bryan Park.  Thanks for clearing the way!

Shortly thereafter, PAX were nearly trampled by a herd of pay-to-play runners in the park.

Welcome back to Pat Down, back in Richmond for a few more weeks, this time with an upgraded bed at the hotel.  With all the time in Richmond, YHC thinks he is more RVA than CLT.

Welcome back to BRRers – way to represent F3 RVA!  YHC is anxious to hear stories.  He has visions of other teams trembling in fear at the site of the Corporate vans.


YHC and Johnsonville are anxious to get new runners out on the trail on Sunday mornings.  Plans are for two routes: a 3-4 mile route and a longer route.  The PAX runs 1-1.5 miles and then circle back for the six.  No PAX left behind!

Spartan Run 9/24


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  1. Posting in 60 degrees is awesome! I don’t think we’ve done the Bryan Park thing in some time, and we might need to do that more frequently to get some face time with all the pay for play fans. Solid Q.