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Always 70 and Sunny

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Hello….anyone out there?

As YHC approached the stop sign at Robious Road this morning faced with the decision to turn right and head to Swirly’s birthday bash or turn left and head to SOT to support the south-side crew, YHC’s brain was still catching up and the wrong decision was made.  It all became clear at 0530 when YHC stood in the SOT parking lot surrounded only by groggy bus drivers and noxious bus fumes…

Undeterred, YHC moseyed to track for an extended disclaimer and COP, followed by 4 1-mile intervals.  Run a mile as fast as possible (or at least as fast as the last one). At the conclusion, perform 5 COP exercises, each x20 and, of course, each In Cadence!  Repeato 4 times.

COP exercises included: merkins, derkins, dips, box jumps (of course), muscle ups, squats, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, flutter kicks, scissors, hello dolly.

Numberama…1…Name-a-rama…Gumbo and YHC took himself out!

At least that is how I think it went down.

Good luck to all the BRR participants.  One foot in front of the other and I know you guys will kill it.  Raise a few glasses in celebration for those of us sticking around and holding the fort down!  Can’t wait to hear all about it.


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  1. I am truly sorry for signing up to Q then being a no show. I will accept any punishment that is handed down from corporate. The fart sack force was strong today. I have many excuses! I mean, I had a weinke prepared and all. If my Q privileges have not been revoked, I shall sign up again in the near future and use my pre-prepare weinke. Again Gumbo my apologies and great job following through in the dark!

  2. Gumbo …Epic BB. Extended disclaimer that’s awesome. Sorry no Freindly new Guys here, just one lonely SOB talking to himself in the Darkness and doing some extended Wilson’s wifes with a little anger behind it. Way to bring it Party of 1. And to the no show Q. Wilson that was my greatest fear for my VQ last week…. Hence no sleep and AO arrival at 4:30. Pax forgives. But you will probably catch tons of sh?!

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