Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There’s only one September 6, 2016-Let’s own it


On the first day of school for the kids, 14 F3 RVA men made the decision to start the day with a beatdown that went something like this:

Mosey to center of Atlee parking lot to circle up for a quick F3 disclaimer and to run in place while the instructions from YHC were given.  (Instructions were that we would run in place instead of planking between exercises to honor BRR week, Reesestrong 5K and Patrick Henry Half marathon all occuring within a month.)

Mosey to BBALL courts for Doracides.  Partner up and complete as a team the following exercises : 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs.  One partner performs exercises while other partner runs suicides.

Dell Brown-Crabwalk to the same lines used during suicides and perform 5 merkins at each line.  Proceed across BBALL court and repeato back across.

Mosey to soccer and circle up for a couple Minutes of Mary to catch breath.  Alabama Prom Dates x 20, American Hammers x 15.

Mosey to other side of soccer field for The Michigan.  100 yard dash x 10, 80 yard dash x 8, 60 yard dash x 6, 40 yard dash x 4, 20 yard dash x 2, 10 yard dash x 1 as a group.  YHC through some exercises in for the PAX to catch breath.  Freddie Mercuries x 15, Plank with right and left hand high, Flutterkicks x 20.

Circle up on soccer field for Merkin Ring of Fire, one PAX completes 10 merkins while the remainder of PAX holds plank until all PAX have completed 10 merkins.

Stay in Circle for Feet 6 inches off ground Ring of Fire.  Pax holds feet six inches off ground while on PAX runs around circle and touches everyone feet.  Repeat until all PAX have run around circle.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for COT.

Numberama, Namerama, Thr Carpenter took us out with prayer.

Announcements- Charity run in October to benefit Shane Adcock (killed while serving USA in Iraq)  See Anchovie for details.

It’s BRR week and YHC wanted to honor the men who will represent F3 RVA at the 2016 edition.  Additionally, YHC remembered that some of the DaVille PAX just completed the Patrick Henry Half Marathon under brutally hot conditions and the Reesestrong 5K is the weekend after the BRR, which is organized by our F3 brother, Phonics.  (If you have not signed up yet, do so.  Enough said).  That is a lot of running within a months timeframe and YHC is impressed by the F3 RVA representation.  YHC also wanted one more workout with substantial running before the BRR.  Therefore, the PAX ran the entire 45 minutes beatdown, (unless we were performing exercises to catch our breath.)   The PAX attacked these instructions with impressive ease, even though there was not much mumblechatter due two reasons: 1. Nobody could catch there breath to speak, and 2. LabRat was absent. (Probably the main reason)

A couple of observations from this morning:

  1.  The Carpenter’s crab walk is impressive.  Fast and good form.
  2. Emoji has the hardest time finding a spot when we circle up, aimlessly wandering.
  3. BB cruises through suicides.
  4. F3 DaVille can run.
  5. Performing exercises to catch your breath really does not allow you to catch your breath.

As The Carpenter was taking us out this morning, he mentioned that there was only one September 6, 2016 and he asked God to guide our day and make this the day where we strive to serve our fellow man, instead of expecting to be served. (Hence the title of BackBlast)  As I heard those words, I was even more ready to own this day and find a way I can be a servant in my community.  I challenge all of F3 to find a way to put yourself third and serve your fellow man, woman, or child each and every day.

Great work this morning gents.

Circle K


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  1. Sorry to miss it, but I needed a run after this weekend’s ground and pound workouts. Had I only known….