Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If you wanted easy….well you can pay for those workouts!


It’s been a while since YHC has experienced such a wet & muddy AO. 20 brave & strong men left the comfort of the fart sack looking for a solid beat down.


Mosey to the amphitheater stage for a dry comfy Earth Worm ground & pound style workout to music! Perform the called out exercise for the entire song!

Disclaimer – not the normal one, but one from Wilson’s wife. “Don’t get injured or let anyone else get injured a week before BRR!” She got a bit worked up over it…more on that later!

SSH – Yankee Rose

Merkin – Jump

American Hammers – Eye of the Tiger

Tricep Push Ups – Panama

Superman – Believe it or Not

SSH Front Clap – Whatever

Under Fence Merkins – Get Low

LBC’s – Boom

Upward Plank Leg Lift/Dip – De do do do (Sting)

Squat/Rear Lunge – OPP

Mountain Climbers – Hot for Teacher

Arm Circles – Save a Horse

Alabama Prom Dates – Me So Horny

SSH – Jane Says

Pickle Pounders – Final Countdown

Burpees – Don’t Stop Believing

Circle up on stage for a quick conversation with the superior being!


So YHC had been thinking about this type of workout for some time #runningsucks! When an open spot opened for dogpile Q the Saturday before BRR – well I had to jump on it. Many thanks to Honey Do for the rental of his speaker! There were a few LIFO’s led by FUDD!

YHC REALLY likes Van Halen – ALL era’s. Even the Gary Shirone years (my first concert was Extreme). With the rain I made the choice to perform exercises on the stage of the amphitheater (to keep the audio equipment safe – don’t want Honey Do’s M upset!)

My 2.0 helped pick the exercises, but then tried to put her own audible in when I explained the plan. Wilson’s wife was all worked up about injuries. I am happy to report no injuries that I know of.

Winston’s said it best, I like the songs, but they could have cut them down by a minute or two!

We seem to have some hidden talents – Lab Rat CAN talk through an entire workout, Swirly can hit the high notes and enjoys karaoke on occasion. Most of the PAX was singing during the country song…hmmmm! Sippy Cup has superior form no matter the exercise!

This was truly a you vs. you workout. The mumble chatter was high at times. Thank you for allowing me to lead this group of outstanding men! #runnigsucks #FEBA

Have a great day!


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  1. That’s funny! Ironically I heard Van Halen going to ET’s and in the way home, yet I have been singing that tune all day!

  2. Creative change of pace Wilson. Nice work. And, I’m with Swirly, my shoulders and calves have been smoked all day. There will be a SSH holiday on Tuesday at NoToll #SSHsSuck