Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Recess at DaVille


Fifteen souls were on board for a DaVille beatdown on a gorgeous clear-skied morning.


The Thang:



  • SSH IC X 30
  • Front arm circles IC, 10 little, 5 big, reverso
  • Ball dippers IC  X 20
  • ATMs – In plank, alternating shoulder taps IC X 15; tempo Merkins IC X 10; 10 fast Merkins OYO
  • Imperial walkers IC X 15


Pull-up/Plank Walk Circuit

Partner up to complete four circuits of pull-ups, broad jump to bleachers, shuffle across bleachers in plank with feet on first bench, lunge walk back to pull-up bars. Repeat for 8, 6, 4, then 2 pull-ups.


Playground Triple Check

One Pax does Derkins with feet in swing seat. Second Pax hangs on monkey bars for knee raises. Third Pax runs around bus loop. (1 1/3 circuits). Various People Chair exercises until everyone finishes.


Mosey back to flag for COT and BOM

Circle K took us out.



DaVille had a great showing of brothers this morning, all ready to take on a steady stream of endurance challenges. It was great to see folks back from vacation and several posting after the Patrick Henry half marathon this past weekend. YHC is amazed at the tenacity and athleticism of this group. Welcome to FNG Stinger who showed heart and grit through the morning.


YHC’s goals for today were to cover a full-body work out and to take advantage of the various obstacles DaVille presents, such as playground equipment. YHC learned that lunges and broad jumps take their toll, and the bus loop is not exactly right next to the playground; alas, we did not get to all that YHC envisioned for this morning. Time on the playground always seems to go faster than you think. More for next time.



The Tomato Run has officially started. This AO meets on Mondays at 5:30 AM in the same place as DaVille and offers a full range of running lengths for all levels.


Reese Strong 5K is coming up, Saturday, September 17th. You and your beloved are all encouraged to sign up for the F3 team. The website is http://www.reesestrong.org/reesestrong-5k/.







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  1. Lab Rat felt guilty “smart sacking” this morning, but dreadful after hearing that Stinger posted! Mrs. Lab Rat broke the news upon coming home from Body Pump with Mrs. Stinger.

    At any rate, welcome to Stinger!

    Also, sounds like a solid beatdown, BB. Way to step up front.

  2. Great Q BB. Recess was always my favorite subject in elementary school. Welcome Stinger.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I know “smart sacking” is an official F3 term, but…. I’m not a fan. There’s a fine line between smart sacking and fartsacking and ya gotta be careful not to blur that line (not saying you are mr rat).

    Welcome stinger…

    Congrats to those that finished the half. Brutal day for it…. Respect

  4. Twas damn near a necessity. TYA may lay his own name upon it. See you in the morning, sucka.