Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural Running of the Tomatoes


Enjoy the theme song, 40 somethings…..

The Gloom of Atlee was penetrated for the first time (officially) by six strong runners out to improve or recover, depending on how the rest of their weekend went.  The route was as follows:

-Head out the parking lot and back to the gate, pass under or around to Honey Meadows Rd.

-Hang a left on Honey Meadows, pass second bus, turn left into bus parking lot.

-Follow sidewalks along the front of the schools back to starting point.  1.6 miles or so.

-Repeat until done.



Unusually, the Q was not early this morning, due to his intestines not owning a watch.  He then had to explain where the name “Tomato Run” had come from, and what significance it had to the F3 community.  YHC had the feeling that the pax was unimpressed with the name.  Oh well, you had to be there.  It is much funnier when you have a beer or three in you.  Once we got started in the actual running part of the morning, the pax basically paired up and got to work.  BB and Carpenter set an early pace, leaving the rest of the pax in the dust.  Anchovy and Phonics held back for a bit, mentioning bro-code runs.  After a mile or so, YHC released them from any manly violations, and they quickly distanced themselves.  That left Spit and Lab Rat to cover the six.

Spit is just starting to get into running regular (again?) and put in a good showing this morning logging 4.5 miles.  YHC stopped to EH a former Seal Team member and his dog on the track, falling a little short of planned 5 miles.  Distances for the faster pax unknown, but would guess they were right around the 5 mile marks.

While not exactly fall running weather quite yet, at least it was somewhat decent.  Also, YHC was thankful to not be wearing flannel.


-Congrats to our own Anchovy, Sticky, and Spike for going out Saturday in miserable running conditions at Patrick Henry Half Marathon.  Well done, gents!

-ReeseStrong 5K 9/17/16.  Sign up for F3 team.  Right now, we are tied for the biggest team!

-Blue Balls has the Q at DaVille tomorrow

Lab Rat out.


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