Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Coupon Monday


3 (yes, it’s the magic number) posted for another sunny (not really) and 70 (actually right on 70) day in RVA.  Here’s how it went down.

Everyone grab a coupon (25 lb dumbbell, 35 lb kb or cinderblock) and mosey to corner of parking lot for warmup COP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Don Quixote, something else…

Grab coupon and mosey to basketball court.  Each of the PAX switched which coupon they carried each rotation of the following:

Each of six rounds started with Coupon Suicide and 10 merkins with the following exercises rotated in for the third fun filled activity of each rotation: dry docks, weighted sit-ups, squats, Freddy, alt shoulder presses, and something else

Mosey with coupons to picnic tables for triple check.  This was the usual drill with runs to a lamppost,   burpee box jumps and weighted sit-ups

Mosey to poking lot for ring/line of fire.  Round 1 = 8 burpee block presses while the PAX held a plank, and Round 2 = 20 flutter kicks with block extended while PAX held reverse plank, repeato x2


NMM:  YHC is not going to lie.  The trail run con burpees left a mark.  Why bring out the coupons? You might ask.  Well.., someone mentioned a few weeks back that The Punisher should be punishing.., right?  You can’t argue with the logic, so a certain level needed to be maintained.  Everyone got after it in true F3 style, and there was very little mumble chatter.

No new announcements, but we do need to give a temporary farewell to everyone’s favorite cavity search, Pat Down.  He heads back to NC but promises he will return.  Safe Travels

PSA: What’s up with Monday workout attendance?  Get your week started right and post on Mondays!

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  1. Excellent beatdown to start the week. Box jump burpees seem harder when someone else makes you do them…