Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A fitting messy tribute to Grunge


Twenty “Teen spirited” tallboys took to Dogpile on the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s debut video on MTV.  For the Silver anniversary occassion YHC requested the PAX show up in Grunge garb to enjoy another themed beatdown.  Temperature at 6 was 84 with high humidity, not ideal for extra flannel layers, but still the PAX persisted:

COP – 30 of all exercises to note 30 million albums of Nirvana’s Nevermind.  SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, IWs, Arm Circles.  Mosey to Amphitheater for

Modified Beast – 6 sets of exercises, 6 for each step, up to the 6th Step.  6 also was the highest that Smells like Teen Spirit peaked on the charts.    Box Jumps, Derkins, Tuckjumps, Dips, Mtn Climbers, Carolina Dry Docs.

Mosey to field for Pearl Jam tribute, their first album was Ten so of course we did:  10 Minutes of Burpees.

Mosey to Rusty Cage (aka pull up bars) for 5 sets of partner Pull ups (4) and Balls to the Bar (5).  Mosey to Carrillon for Alice in Chains triple check-  Plerkins (1 PAX planks while other puts feet on back to do Merkins) while 3rd PAX runs up and back down Carrillon steps.

Back to the flag for some Mary:  Freddy Mercurys, LBCs, Cross Leg lifts, Russian Twists.  COT & Flashdance took us out.

NMS – This theme’s genesis goes back to RAMM several months ago, at least 8 months since YHC was running with Rosie which he has not been able to keep up with for at least that long, in discussing music and the fact these Grunge albums us late-hate somethings grew up with are now 25 years old or more.  YHC did some research and determined Smells Like Teen Spirit’s video debuted this weekend so signed up to Q and pleaded to the PAX for plaid attire.  Well done in responding F3 RVA.  However flannel long sleeve shirts and August summer heat do not mix well as this was one sweaty beatdown.

Mumblechatter was high during the 10 min of burpees, who knew so many PAX hated Eddie Vedder.  One plus of long sleeves is Elbow plank is much better on the arms, there may be some method to the madness of Wilson, who at the end mentioned he might need YHCs speaker for a future beatdown theme.  Looks like the seed has been planted now we will have to see what he comes up with.

The Balls to the Bar did well this 2nd time out, that one could use a better name but the exercise is here to stay.  The Plerkins/Triple check was a hit as many PAX mentioned their displeasure with the new Plerkin exercise.  YHC encourages all to take that ire on to Offshore for introducing that to F3 RVA at Punisher this week. Also great to see Best Shot back out, hope to see you back out again soon!

ETs afterwards went on for what seemed like a record amount of time with, as usual, a wide array of topics ranging from Lab Rats graduation party, capital murder, circumcision, HR policies, and of course BRR. TYA was there as well with his drone to do some taping.  We’ll see what he was able to record.

Pleasure to lead this AM, thanks for going along with this loose flannel thread of a theme!


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  1. Great themed Q HoneyDo, been looking forward to this one for a while. I don’t know how Wilson does it but I won’t be wearing flannel to another beatdown in August unless I cut the sleeves. That shirt was drenched and added a few extra lbs to the last half of the workout, like wearing a weighted vest.

  2. Solid and entertaining themed beatdown as usual Honeydo. Although, the Ten Minutes of Burpees felt more like an ode to Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog, at least that is how I imagine I would feel after a hunger strike.

    Can’t wait to see what Wilson is cooking up with the music…I’ll be looking for him on the Q sheet.

    Enjoys the rest of this hot weekend…flannel optional.

  3. Yes Gumbo I can see Wilson cooking up a Van Halen theme beatdown in the near future. Each age has their own music era. Wilson had the eighties, we late 30s had the 90s, TYA had Al Jolsen, etc.

  4. Well done, Honey Do, that was a serious beat down.

    For the record though, I would like to point out that Lab Rat only brought up one of those topics discussed at ET’s.

  5. Great Q HoneyDo!

    The music brought me back to my high school days when I was in a Pearl Jam cover band.

    Also enjoyed the ET afterwards for a bit, although it sounds like I missed the good stuff.

  6. I knew a HD q had to have burpees and you did not disappoint me!!! That triple check we the real deal.

  7. That was a great beat down! It was my first time doing balls to the bar. That was tough! My next Q is still cooking. Working on a few more pieces. Sorry I missed what sounded to be a great 2nd F!

  8. For those not on twitter, this was the back blast of the day yesterday across F3 nation!

    TCLAPS to Honey Do!

  9. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    That was a solid mess, and quite a way for me to get back in the swing of things after being out of town for what seems like forever. I didn’t read the notes on the sign up sheet to see the flannel request until I was about to leave and showed up without. But of course, Bleeder travels with extras and hooked me up.

  10. Not saying this put Pearl Jam over the line but they did just get inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  11. Another opportunity to break out your summer flannel. Grunge-a-Palooza at the National July 28th. If anyone is interested let me know. 6 bands, show starts at 6.