Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do You Even Lift Bro?


9 brave and fearless men toed the line for the race we call life at W Dog this fine and beautiful morning.

The thang:

COP  – 20 X SSH, Imperial Walker, LBC, Freddy Mercury, +10 Merkin.  Homage paid to Gnarly Goat.

Polar Bears – From the half field mark to the flower pots

Kings Watching Soldiers – Four rounds with a partner.  One partner sit on the throne (sitting position with back against the wall) against the Carillon while the other partner runs to the flower pots and performs 15 WWII Sit Ups, then switcheroo.

1030 – Mosey up to the top of the stairs.  Perform 10 dips and 30 merkins.  Next round perform 15 dips and 25 merkins, etc. until you are at 30 dips and 10 merkins.

10 To 1 – Mosey to pull up station.  Perform 10 knees to elbows and 1 burpee.  Next round perform 9 knees to elbows and 2 merkins, etc. until you are at 1 KTE and 10 burpees.

Mosey to amphitheater and complete 10 American Hammers on each step till YHC says stop.

Mosey back to the flag.

COT – Numberama, namerama and Viral graciously lead us out.


Last week Swirly mentioned that when he leads a workout, he tries to do things that may not be in his core skillset (just yet).  Most of the workouts I have had the fortune of leading have involved lots of running.  Today, the running was minimal and the workload was maximal!  I haven’t heard that much grunting since I went to the National Zoo during gorilla mating season.  It was loud enough that Viral was able to find our group in complete darkness as he arrived after taking M Viral’s dad to the airport.

In other news Flipper found out what a Merkin is and his response is so far it’s the best thing that has happened in 2016.

Solid work today fellas.  You guys are warriors.  Hope to see some of you out tonight at Hillcrest!




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  1. Sorry to have missed, sounds like a solid Beat Down! See you guys Monday morning when back in RVA…

  2. Nice Q Hardywood! At least for the 1/2 (if that) which I saw! Viral-in-laws needed a ride to the airport and I figured if I was already up …

    Finding the PAX wasn’t easy while they were doing the 10/30s up at the top of the Carillon. I’d hear the odd grunt, run to the other side of the Carillon and see no one, hear another grunt and run back to the other side … and so on and so on …

  3. Great Q Hardywood!

    Viral…hilarious! Glad you were able to find us.

    I am also glad that I finally know what a merkin is.

  4. Great beatdown HW. Kept telling myself “it’s just you against you” every time I witnessed Swirly and Hardywood complete a drill early. (The one thing about getting old…that stuff doesn’t bother me like it use to.)

    BRR man…can’t wait.

  5. Hardywood you made me pullout full on Def Comedy Jam level laughter. A pubic wig… I still can’t believe it. Who needs one of these? Me..got one today. It’s like 1977 up in this Biatch!!