Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Minus one, minus three, plus 1, minus 1, plus a cameo appearance


Ten pax showed up this morning, in what turned out to be a very lucid group.

ROUTE:  North Bank to Belle Isle to the top of Belle Isle, then over and home on Buttermilk.  Q’s gps watch came in around 7.4.  Wilson’s phone reported 12 miles and change.  Reader can decide which is closest to true.


  • With the humidity still lingering, and watching two of our regulars overheat over the last week, going long didnt seem to be prudent.  The plan was initially to stretch out 11 miles and do the full monty, which got cut back to full loop plus Belle Isle hill.  With the oppressing heat and humidity looming large on the first couple miles, the Q threw in the towel and decided the same loop from last week would be the safe bet.  YHC received no arguments, so it must have been the right call.
  • TYA surprised everyone and provided YHC a welcome distraction from his unpreparedness by showing up in jeans and a golf shirt.  Turns out he was still feeling affects from Friday’s run and smartly decided running would do more harm than good at this point.  He did drop off TSB, who we have been missing while she was out nursing a sore ankle.
  • Lab Rat should not Q, as he is never ready to go and always seems to have issues.  He could not get the Jerusalem Cruisers adjusted properly, and suffered for it this morning.
  • Circle K took off on his own route on the bike this morning, quickly followed by Conspiracy, who was next to leave the group.  Our first planned stop of the morning brought us to Buttermilk trailhead, where we lost TSB (planned pick up by TYA) and Trophy (fighting thru a cold).  The pax also gained one member, when we invited FNGal Brooke to join us on our last leg.  She gladly accepted, and pulled Offshore and Saab along on a blistering pace for a couple miles.  She then bailed out on one of the switchbacks citing the need to be headed back to the house.
  • As pax was leaving to head over to ET’s, we spotted Hardywood.  He was in his usual bright eyed and bushy tailed mood, despite being 15 miles deep into a run that went God knows how long.  That gave Saab and YHC fodder for conversation on how anybody could be that perpetually chipper…..we are envious!
  • ET’s with the guys and TSB, as usual, was entertaining.

Lab Rat out.


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  1. Great job everyone. Despite all the adversity, everyone ran strong. Don’t sweat the brief respite TYA…in a few days you’ll come back with new found energy. ET’s was enjoyable as always, getting to know more about a terrific group of people. Seeing the “Big Ragu” in person made my day.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Harder not to run than to run. Killing me to take a break and not run with the group.

    Et time is always full of interesting stuff – impressed that Saab so easily pulled “the big Ragu” . Tsb happy to be back on the trails and feeling better.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Hate the double comment, but. Mr rat, I love the backblast name. I had to run through the logic a couple times to make sure it was right

  4. Thanks for checking my math. It’s good to know that a legacy such as yourself has been reduced to fact checking my math! Just to keep you on my toes, the logic doesnt always work out in Lab Rat’s world.

    PS, remind me during the BRR to tell you my logic joke. It is NSFW.

  5. Lab Rat the audible was a welcomed call as was the addition of Brooke. Nice job! It was good to see TSB on the trails and TYA taking it easy.