Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 Decathlon


15 faithful emerged from the fartsack and decided instead to attack this beautiful morning at Dogpile to get their day started off right.  After possibly the shortest mosey in Dogpile history and figuring time would be of the essence today to complete the planned decathalon, YHC dispensed with a quick disclaimer seeing no FNGs and got right into a short COP that went something like this:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • DQ x10 IC
  • IW x15 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • LBC x20 IC

In the spirit of the Olympics and after watching American Ashton Eaton successfully defend his Decathlon title this week, YHC wanted to take a shot at completing our own F3 Decathlon, it went something like this:

  1. One-mile run on the VITA trail, followed by some plank-o-rama in our usual COP location while we waited for the six;
  2. Mosey to the pull-up bars for AMRAP in 2 minutes;
  3. Touch-a-Tree x3 with 1 burpee at the first tree, 2 at the second and 3 at the third, then run back to the start and plank;
  4. Mosey to the amphitheater and spread around the top step for dips corresponding to the step number starting with 18 on the top step and working our way down to 1 on the bottom step, then bunny-hop/box jump (1 per step) back up to the top;
  5. Mosey to carillon steps for triple check consisting of (a) run up the steps, lunge across, run down, (b) people’s chair and (c) derkins.  The lunges were scrapped in the final round;
  6. Mosey to field for 40-yard sprint relay;
  7. 20-yard bear-crawl (I couldn’t resist) relay x2;
  8. 40-yard relay – back pedal 20-yards then sprint back 20-yards;
  9. Football/Frisbee Toss – 1 PAX member throws the football or Frisbee (his choice) and the PAX runs to it – first PAX member there calls the exercise then gets  to throw – which included merkins; burpees; WWII situps; LBCs; clerkins and crab-walk (forward and back); and finally
  10. Native American Run back to the shovelflag

We finished with a couple minutes of Mary, including APDs, Freddie Mercuries, Dolly (with 60-second hold of 6 inches), Flutter kicks (all IC) and then 10 merkins OYO to finish.

Announcements – per Phonics, the F3 team is the 4th largest for the Reesestrong 5K.  Lets move up the leaderboard gentlemen.  All those interested in a pre-race workout at Dogpile to warm-up, there will be some clown cars heading to DaVille from Dogpile.

COT, number-rama, name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


Great work today guys.  No 10-counts because we had to keep moving, but all PAX members kept the intensity high throughout and dominated the decathlon.  And a special thanks to Sippy Cup for setting YHC straight (total brain-fart or lack of oxygen) so that we could correctly number off into 5 teams of 3 for the triple checks and relays.

Today was a special day for YHC to step out front and lead for the first time at Dogpile.  As I mentioned in the prayer, today would have been my father’s 79th birthday.  We lost him a few years ago to pancreatic cancer and it of course hasn’t been the same since.  But, the ability to participate with, and occasionally lead, such a fine group of men and having such a great group of men to lean on and push forward with is going a long way to filling that void, and for that I truly appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for inspiring me, leading me, pushing me and letting me do the same for you.  It’s an honor.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you in the gloom… Gumbo


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  1. Way to work today men. It was fun.

    Really wanted to see Bleeder do his best Odell Beckham Jr and snag Swirly’s hail mary out of the air…next time.

  2. Dang that’s a whole lot of movement around the AO. Nice work sorry I missed that,!!!

  3. We we all start for the 1st F but we keep coming back for the 2/3 Fs cheers brothers!!

  4. Nice looking Q Gumbo. Sorry I missed this one. Also glad you got to get in some more bear crawls after the polar bear marathon Thursday.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Its been 30 years since I’ve taken a snap – glad to see I can still throw a somewhat decent looking pass – thought Bleeder was going to catch up to it – that would have been an ESPN moment.. Great Q that was fun – very well said prayer.. It’s a blessing to be part of this group of men – aye..