Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Luna Plena Redux


A low cloud cover enshrouded the full moon, but a gentle breeze greeted the 5 Faithful. Suddenly the breeze stopped and the humidity embraced us, so we knew it was time to get to the following:


1st Quarter – 10 Minute EMOM:

Odd Minutes:
X7+ KB American Swings
X7+ KB Squat and High Pulls
X7+ KB Squat and Presses

Even Minutes:
X7+ KB Right Arm Rack Left Lunge
X7+ KB Left Arm Rack Right Lunge
X7+ KB Triceps Presses

Suitcase Carry

2d and 3d Quarters – The 300:

X25 Pole Smokers
X25 KB Right Snatches
X25 Merkins
X25 KB Left Snatches
X25 APDs
X25 KB Right Swings
X25 CDDs
X25 KB Left Swings
X25 Pole Smokers
X25 KB Right Clean and Presses
X25 Merkins
X25 KB Left Clean and Presses

4th Quarter – 10 Minute EMOM:

Odd Minutes:
X7+ KB Seated Halos Clockwise
X7+ KB Seated Tricep Presses
X7+ KB Seated Halo Counter-Clockwise

Even Minutes:
X7+ KB Pull overs
X6+ KB WWII Sit-ups
X5+ KB Seated Presses


Counterama and Namearama

Announcements: new F3 RVA signup via text was explained — thanks to HardyWood, Wilson, and DK (others) for this new option.

J’Ville closed us with prayer of thanksgiving; continued prayer for Toga’s father and family.


Full moon today so the Luna Plena was repeated with some minor modifications. Same result – all business and quick pace with lots of reps (minimum x500 KB reps plus x150 body weight reps).

Glad to Flip Phone out for his first Circus Maximus posting – solid showing.

White Deer and Chum Bucket set the pace in the 300. J’Ville and Attila were strong and are getting stronger. Discussions regarding weight increases. Nice work by all.

A great start to the day with the PAX looking forward to a White Deer ground and pound Q at the GridIron.


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