Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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18 men took various modes of transportation this morning, but all arrived at the Shovelflag for DaVille.  Lab Rat took the Q, and we all embraced The Gloom that has been creeping it’s way back in to our workouts.  With Opus’ green light to guide our way, here is what got done:

COP (all IC)

  • SSH X25
  • Ball Dippers X20
  • Arm Circles X10 little, X5 big, Reverso
  • Full Release Merkins X15
  • Dying Cockroach X20


  • Stations:  Break up in to 5 small groups.  Each group starts at given station and performs exercises appropriate for that station as they see fit until runner group relieves them, then group moves on to next station.  Rinse and repeat until Q says stop.
    • Merkinville:  Exercises included merkins of various types, muscle ups, dips
    • Pull up bars:  pull ups, chin ups, hang-theres
    • Legsington (get it?):  step ups, jump ups, donkey kicks, lunges
    • The interstate:  Big-ass tire flips
    • Runners:  from station to station around track
  • Human Steeplechase:  Two groups, first man planks heading across field.  Second man jumps over first then planks.  Leap frog to the end of grass.  Repeato, only going under instead of over second time across.


The Gloom has definitely taken hold of the workouts lately, which the Q was ill-prepared for.  He took an odd route across the back of the schools, introducing the pax to various dangers which included (but were not limited to) hidden farm equipment, trailer tongues, and a ditch full of pirhanas (maybe)!  Luckily, Opus brought a green light.  YHC doesnt know how much it helped visibility, but he did enjoy saying “red light, green light” whenever in the presence of said light.  (Shiny objects on strings will also have the same effect.)  Also, Grabber brought a flashlight, which for some reason remained in his pocket and had bells on it.

YHC was thinking about what to do this morning, and how to incorporate 2 things that had been under-utilized lately at DaVille:  the tires and pull ups.  The plan was to break up the large pax into smaller groups so that there werent huge lines of guys standing around waiting to do something.  From YHC’s perspective, it seemed to go really well, as Lab Rat got to chat with Weiner a bit, a pax member he did not know.  Hopefully the other groups had similar 2nd F opportunities.

The infield was recently cut, and LabRat just could not resist the temptation of rolling around in the prettty grass just once, even though it would mean no Mary and we would run a couple minutes over.  Had to be done.  He was immediately rewarded by being the sucker that planked in the puddle, and having half the pax stomp water in his face.  He thinks it was on purpose.

Also, since YHC has built up a reputation as a talker, he would like to give honorable mention to Phonics, who is becoming quite the social butterfly himself.  Big difference though, is Phonics is just a much nicer guy than YHC, and the pax has not heard him sing in the middle of a workout (yet).  Well done, Phonics!

YHC hopes that everyone enjoyed themselves this morning, and he thanks the pax for coming out and supporting “Play Time with Lab Rat”, because he had a ball this morning….sore legs and all.   It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men.



  • BRR informational session tomorrow night….last ditch effort to put one more butt in a van seat.  Any takers?
  • Reesestrong 5K has an F3 team!  Sign up here:  https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/4045
  • Offshore is organizing an F3 team for a bike ride on September 24th benefiting the American Diabetes Association http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR?team_id=728706&fr_id=11465&pg=team.  MOffshore has been type I for 30+ years, and mother of Offshore has been type II for 10+ years.
  • Initial planning in the works for 2 more Mechanicsville workouts, and we will need more Q’s.  If you are thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone and into a leadership role, please see one of the regular Q’s and we will be happy to help you get your feet wet.  It really is something anybody can do.  Heck, even Lab Rat does it.

Lab Rat out.



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