Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#GridIron Welcomes the Next Generation


Fourteen of the faithful and 4 FNGs posted at #NoToll on a bistering Saturday morning. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a shovel flag in a parking lot divider, and took Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

COP near SF
25x SSH
25x Don Quiote
25x imperial walkers -> hillbillies

Mosey around parking lot for COP adjacent to beach volleyball courts
10x merkins
25x bicycles
25x squats

Mosey over to small hill near baseball diamond
Elevens consisting of merkins at the bottom, and Lt. Dans at the hilltop

Mosey to end zone of nearest gridiron for COP
25x LBC
24x single leg Alabama Prom Dates (switching legs halfway)

Mosey to middle of field for COP
chiabatta (bunny hops and crab cakes)
10x Richard Kimble OYO

Mosey to school entrance for classic 3-play sequence

Mosey gridiron in front of the school for F3-style frisbee football (with kids calling the exercises), which included a number of OYO exercises including 10x burpees, 10x reverse crunches, etc.

COP at midfield
25x LBCs
25x box cutters

COP (Atilla)


It was great to have so many strong men and so many strong kids come out. YHC had a game plan for this workout, but that went out the window with these numbers. What a great problem to have!

The heat and humidity at 0700 was brutal. YHC began sweating profusely right for the start and quickly became water-logged.

The elevens followed by a tough chiabatta brought on deep gloom, and I thought we were going to lose some folks. But, the PAX stayed strong.

Mighty Mouse has quite a competitive streak (definitely Lab Rat’s 2.0). YHC barely edged her out at the end of the 2nd three-play run. She did not like that a bit, and came out of the blocks on the third set like Usain Bolt. There was not even a prayer of chasing her down.

YHC reflected on names a bit more after the workout, and decided to change Ahab’s name to Mariner. It is thus so.

Prayers to Toga’s dad and family. Isaiah 33:2



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  1. Welcome MudPuddle & Axel! It was great having so many 2.0’s join us on a hot, hot morning. Great Q, Jville.

  2. Thanks for the kind words RE: Mighty Mouse! I’ll let her read it this evening.

    It pains me to say that you left out one of the more important highlights of the day….C Dubs calling out the “handstands”! Classic!

    Great beatdown, J’ville. Way to stay flexible.