Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A new strategy for EH’ing


A record 16 regulars and one interloper stoned out of his mind posted (albeit briefly) to WDog on an especially humid morning.  After leaving our chemically altered friend in the dust the PAX went on to:

COP:  20 SSH, 15 DQs, 12 Merkins, 12 Freddy Mercury, 15 Hillbillies.


Mosey to Carillon.  Run up steps, bear crawl to end of Carillon, 20 Merkins, then run down other side, 20 4 Ct Mtn Climbers (unless you are Toga).  Repeato x3.

Mosey to bars for:  Balls 2 the Bar (?).  Partner up, one PAX grabs others feet while on the dip bars and he does underhand chin/pull ups.  4 Sets, 12 reps each man.

Mosey to Amphitheater:  Bunny hop up all steps, 3 Squats per step down, Bunny hop up again, 1 burpee per step down.  Rnd 3 hop up then 3 Derkins per step down.

Mosey back to Circle:  Mary of APDs, Flutterkicks, ?  then Burpee shuffle and then Ring of Fire.  Mosey back to the flag.

DK took us out.

NMS:  So apparently we’ve been doing it all wrong.  Why get guys to post at 5:30 when they have to wake up early when we can EH guys who are already up?  All the PAX saw our trippin friend on the way in.  Then he doubled back and walked back towards us as we were leaving.  He even ran with us for a few steps.  Lucikly Corporate had secured the perimeter and confirmed he was too wasted to even open a car door, let alone find the keys. This led to much discussion of new EH methods of going to the Bottom of Sunday morning to EH guys walking home who are not in their right mind to say No.

The 3 rounds on the Carillon got the PAX started off sweating.  Most of the PAX opted for the called for 4 Ct Mtn Climbers while some opted for only 2 count.  Hey it is U against U.

The Balls to the Bar/Partner hangs were a hit, in that they completely worked over the PAX.  YHC did not anticipate the level of difficulty of getting to 4 sets of 12.  The difference of having a partner hold your feet vs on the ground is huge.  Pretty sure we’ll be seeing that again, aye!

The sets in the amphitheater were fun and made sure the ST’ers doing slow laps around the circle heard us grunting through the Derkins and Burpees.  Then the PAX grabbed the circle and owned the it with a burpee shuffle and ROF.

Way to push today men.  Great to see Peaches out again after posting as an FNG at NoToll yesterday.  Apparently he couldn’t get enough of YHC’s beatdowns.

Announcements:  Sign up for the ReeseStrong 5k soon or LabRat will withhold beer from the PAX.


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  1. Great Q HoneyDo! Thanks for leading us again today. The balls to the bar (aka jerkins) were tough, and a nice addition to the routine.

    Great work today guys!

  2. That was a beatdown that will teach me to be a Kotter!

    When our guest asked Swirly what he did and he responded with “home security”, he thought Swirly stood at the front door of people’s residence standing guard! F3 got him to bouncer level of fitness via balls to the bar.

    The burpee shuffle and ring of fire were a nice touch too.

  3. Lab Rat always appreciates getting mentioned in BB’s he doesnt post to. Carry on! (And sign up for ReeseStrong)

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    God I love F3 ! You never no what your going to get each morning ! It’s a damn honor to secure the AO every morning and I don’t take that duty lightly
    That was one drunk ass dude who is incredibly lucky that he did not try and steal one of our cars – rip us off or take a nap in the bed of my truck – I was just a bit disappointed about the last cause ole swirly had enough gas left to try and plant that shovel flag in that dudes forehead .
    Balls to the bar is a freaken winner – love it Honeydo – as always great Q. Great turnout @ WDOG – let’s keep it up and invite a friend !
    See y’all in the gloom..,

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Balls to bar was a welcomed and difficult addition. Got some sore muscles that haven’t been sore in a long time. I loved when the hammered guy started running with us and said “this isn’t too bad.” I think he made it 10 yards.

  6. The fact that wasted guy was running along with us while puffing a cigarette was the topper…had to briefly alter my route so as to avoid the cloud of smoke.

    Great Q as usual Honey Do. Balls to the Bar left me with some nicely knotted back muscles.