Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



14 DaVille regulars, 3 southside visitors and 1 FNG swallowed the #DRP and posted on a cool, dark morning in DaVille for a Guest Q.  YHC has been wanting to make a trip to DaVille since it started knowing Lab Rat and Circle K would frequent the Southside before starting up DaVille.  What better way to get myself out there than to sign up for the Q.  After a little AO description from Lab Rat we were off.


Mosey across the front of the school to the bus loop for COP.

SSHx25, IWx20, Hand Release Merkinsx10, LBCx4 – Scatter for 5.0 relocate to grass LBCx25, Peter Parkerx10

Mosey to the elementary school track for the introduction to Helga.  Helga is Dora’s East German cousin.  Team up in groups of 4/5 and complete the following:  100 burpees, 2 miles, 300 WWII, 400 merkins, 500 squats, 600 flutter kicks (2ct).  Keep track of team count and complete the exercises in any order and quantity.

Mosey to the middle school parking lot for a triple check:

P1 – Makhtar N’Diayes, P2 – Air Chair, P3 – Bear crawl across parking spaces, crawl bear back.

Mosey to the uncut grass in front of the middle school for Mary.

Dollies, American Hammer, Freddie Mercury

Back to the flag.

COT, Lab Rat took us out.


  • Lab Rat is disappointed that the F3 team is not the largest for the ReeseStrong 5k.  Sign up if you can.
  • Get with DK if  you need a log-in for the F3 site, Wilson for the app
  • Hanover County event this evening to support local emergency responders, see Spit for more info


Great to be in DaVille this morning.  YHC had met a few of the guys at Dogpile but the regulars have done a great job EHing and building a strong foundation out there.

Helga is a creation of YHC, born of the current Olympic fever in my house and a conversation over this past weekend regarding the current Russian doping questions and remembering the East Germans of the 80s.  The quantities seemed daunting at first but the PAX teamed up in true F3 and Olympic form and blew through the exercises.  Sticky and DK led YHC’s team coming up with an impressive plan of attack to knock out each of the exercises quickly.  The other teams seemed to have a solid plan and all finished close together.  YHC apologizes for introducing another lady to the F3 PAX, with a name like Rosie, I feel closer to them.

The bear crawl option for triple check was met with great enthusiasm, by that I mean groans of displeasure.  Grabber was seen flying through the bear crawls almost as fast as he ran into and out of the AO this morning, taking a page out of the Sippy Cup handbook.

In true Lab Rat form we got the story of Genny Lite/Pickle Barrel over the course of the entire Triple Check.  I think he paused during the bear crawls but I can’t be sure.  The Southside clown car compared notes on the way home and put the full story together, basically coming to the conclusion that between Lab Rat and Wilson, TYA got tired of the arguing and flipped a coin under the table to decide.

Welcome to Kitty Cat (missed the hospital name), EHed by the Rutland crew.  The DaVille PAX continues to be brutal with the naming but the consensus was Kitty Cat so YHC went with the crowd.

Great job this morning men.


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  1. Impressive showing in DaVille. Thanks for welcoming 3 of us from Midlothian! Keep up the good work, gents.

  2. Welcome Kitty Cat. Look forward to meeting you! Wow Labrat you must be an only child! #LETITGO lol. Rosie looks like a solid beating! Thanks for representing the Southside! FEBA

  3. First off, thanks for the clown car, and somebody else to yell FEBA! (it hasnt caught on yet up here). Great Q as well, your creativity never disappoints.

    Lastly, I was asked to tell the story, so in typical Lab Rat fashion, I obliged. I painted you in only the best of light, Wilson!

  4. In defense of Lab Rat, we did request the story behind the naming fiasco and he did not disappoint.

  5. Lab Rat didn’t disappoint at all. Kind of like asking someone a question right when they take the largest bite of food known to man, I asked Lab Rat for the explanation right when the Q called for the triple check – #greattiming.

    Awesome to witness the DaVille crowd and experience a great AO this morning, the introduction of Helga – another spurned ex-lover of Rosie’s (“created” my ass – you met Helga during your brief work in Stuttgart and she punished you good – tell the truth!)

    Seriously – great workout. I loved the teamwork. Great to team up with Circle K, Chippy and Chapstick. Well done fellas.

    Keep up to strong work DaVille.

  6. Honey Do RVA on

    There is a good chance a Mulva will be created and make her way to the gloom soon.