Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Weather Does Matter


3 men gathered for a Wednesday evening hill run.

The Thang: Hillcrest loop x6.


The weather was amazing. The past few weeks have been a scorcher. Mid 90’s and 75%+ humidity. It has seemed more like swimming by the time we finished versus running. Today was a completely different story, it was 81 and breezy, with about 50% humidity. This made for a much easier and quicker run than the past several. Additionally, rather than being totally exhausted after the run, we were feeling good with extra energy to give if needed.

Honeydo slayed the hills today, he did 6 laps plus a run up Charmian on laps 1 and 4. He was moving along at a great clip. Aisle 5 continues to get stronger every week. He came up the hill for the final time with a ton of energy and a great pace going. Inspirational to see the type of improvement in his running over the past six months.



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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Forgot what it feels like to run in tolerable weather. Makes all the difference.

  2. Way to slay the hills. Much respect Aisle 5….your hard work is really paying off. Missed you guys and I’ll see you next week.

  3. TYA Thanks for organizing the Wednesday runs and for all your support. F3 is great group of guys. I wouldn’t be this far in my training if it wasn’t for All of your support. Thanks everyone.