Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A whole lotta swings & lunges at the Circus…


8 strong, including 2 CM newbies, posted to Circus Maximus in the gloom to swing some bells and get the blood flowing on this glorious morning, and it went a little something like this…


  • SSH x20 IC
  • DQ x12 IC
  • Helicopter x10 IC
  • Halo x10 IC clockwise and x10 IC counter-clockwise
  • Figure 8s x20 OYO

Partner up at top of the parking lot.  Partner 1 takes both KBs and lunges about 15-20 yards to light-post and back while Partner 2 does plank-o-rama, then Flapjack.  Repeato x2.

Farmer carry mosey around the CM loop and back to the sidewalk in front of the school for a 5-exercise circuit.  Two rounds – x20 reps in round 1 and x10 reps in round 2.  Exercises:

  • Goblet squats
  • Snatches – each arm
  • Reverse Lunges – each leg
  • Double-arm swings
  • Squat & Press

Swing & Push — perform 20 double-arm swings then 10 merkins and repeat counting down the number of merkins to 1.  Audible called to reduce swings from 20 to 10 after completing 5 merkins.  That is a lot of swings.  Plank-o-rama until the six finishes.

Mary – pass the KBs around a close circle while trying to keep feet off the ground (American Hammer style) and Bridge x10 OYO.

COT – Number-rama, name-arama and YHC took us out.


Great work today fellas.  Mumbechatter was low, so I’m hoping that means the work was hard.  Those lunges and swings are going to haunt me all day, no doubt.

It was great to break out the KB and get back out to CM.  It is always a great change of pace from the other AOs in town.  I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t yet tried it.  Bring a dumbbell to try it out or give a shout to some of the regulars and we will try to have an extra KB out there for you.

Always a pleasure to step out front and lead such a fine group.  Thanks.


  • 2nd F happy hour tomorrow, 1730 at The Answer
  • Convergence at 0700 Saturday at Dogpile with GROW school and coffeeteria afterwards at ET – no workout at 0600, but I’m sure Swirly will be there to secure the perimeter.
  • Reese Strong 5k in Da Ville 9/17 – great cause, so lets have a strong F3 showing.  See Lab Rat or Phonics for information
  • See Toga about Spartan Race 9/24

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Between Toga’s box jumps and Gumbo’s lunges, my legs are wrecked. Let’s do some running..

  2. Thanks for accommodating a CM rookie with no kettlebell. I’ll do some shopping before my next one. Definitely feeling the goodness today!