Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We are not alone!


Well maybe Chum Bucket is alone, but there were ten at NoToll who were ready to get after it.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to main lot of COP and disclaimer:  Mtn Climbers, Don Quixote, Merkins, Hillbillies

Mosey to first field for something like a Crossfit WOD called Kelly:  Run a lap, 30x box/bleacher jumps, 30x muscle ups, ab fun and repeato x5.

Mosey back to flag for 5 minutes of Mary

NMM:  First, YHC was a bit concerned after reading the backblasts that it would be lonely at NoToll and going through the Kelly (you actually do wall ball shots instead of the muscle ups, but who has 10, 20lb medicine balls?) by yourself did not sound like fun.  This concern led to the need to find just the right My Morning Jacket track while driving by UR.  YHC almost took out a Spider Run participant, but maybe he needed to get to NoToll to work on those soccer arms?

YHC didn’t let the PAX know how many rounds there might be, but I honestly didn’t hear any complaints till the end when Rosie questioned my creativity.  The PAX got after it, and there were strong performances all around.  Rosie kept up a strong lead with he and Honey Do finishing the jumps and MUs together.  Mr Roper (terrific F3 name) and FlashDance were grinding out the reps.  Oyster was egged into trying to beat Rosie back to the flag (it was close), and Hyena cruised in with a smile on his face.  Well done all!


  • 2nd F Event Friday 1730 at The Answer- Pre Convergence chance to hang with Gnarly Goat
  • CONVERGENCE 0700 Saturday, DogPile with GROW school led by Gnarly Goat at ET’s immediately following the workout
  • BRR is oh so soon
  • 9/17 F3 team at Reese Strong 5k: http://www.reesestrong.org/reesestrong-5k/
  • 9/24 F3 Team at Spartan, see Toga or just signup
  • See Flashdance if interested in Festy run, early Oct.

Stay Classy,


PS:  You may want to check this out.., it could come in handy very soon:


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  1. Great beat down today Toga!! I may have to start adjusting with my feet today my arms are toast thanks for leading today….

  2. What this lacked in creativity it more than made up for in Boxjumps, nice work Toga. Now can we get an App to have Watson deliver an AI ultimate beatdown in the gloom?

  3. Great Q Toga, enjoyed the creativity. Oyster has got some wheels. There have been discussions of a Monday evening run at RiverRun, probably later than the Wednesday run. 7:30 pm? Varying distances (probably 4-10 miles) and hills available. Preblast to follow in the next day or so.