Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Parking Lot Party


20 F3 Faithful and 3 FNG (23 is a new DaVille record) showed up in the foggy gloom for a beatdown that went something like this:

Mosey to area behind parking lot for COP.

Invisible Jump Ropex50 IC, LBCx45 IC, Invisible Jump Ropex40 IC, Flutter Kickx35 IC, SSHx30 IC, Freddie Mercuryx25 IC

Mosey back to far side of parking lot.  Q selects PAX member to lead the PAX to any parking spot and Q randomly uses numbers and words of parking space to assign exercise.  Exercises performed:

Grabber 64 WWII situps, Emoji 15 Burpees, BB 75 squats, Abacus run to van 40 yards away ten times, Sticky 20 merkins, something else?

Mosey to side of parking lot for descending curb crawls.  Bear crawls from island to main sidewalk and perform 8 incline merkins, bear crawl back to island and perform 7 incline merkins.  Repeato until down to 1 incline merkin.

Mosey to front of parking lot.  Partner up.  One PAX runs across parking lot while partner performs exercise.  Exercises performed: merkins, alabama prom dates, mountain climbers.  Repeato x 3. Audibled to x2 based on time.

COT-Abacus took us out with prayer.  Well said brother.


Convergence this Saturday, 7am Dogpile, Grow School to follow at ETs

2nd F this Friday at The Answer

Reesestrong Race in September.  See Phonics (F3 brother who is organizing race) or LabRat.

YHC had two objectives with todays workout.  1:Not to leave the parking lot 2:Bring the pain as YHC ate all the wrong foods and drink all the wrong drink while at the river for a long weekend. Mission Accomplished.  The PAX only left the parking lot for the initial COP, as YHC had plenty of abs planned and YHC wanted to save the skin on the backside of the PAX members.  Upon returning to the parking lot, randomly using the numbers and letters of the parking lot spaces proved to illicit much mumblechatter from the PAX and YHC knew the plan was working.  Surprisingly, during the 75 squats, not a word was said by the PAX.  I guess everyone was concentrating on proper form or nobody could believe YHC really said 75 squats after BB brought us all the way across the parking lot for the third time.  The PAX really crushed the descending curb crawls.  Way to work men.  The PAX also finished strong with the partner exercises and YHC witnessed much encouragement form the entire PAX.  F# is all about each member of the PAX pushing other members (IRON SHARPENS IRON) to accomplish an objective that you would not accomplish by yourself.  This was clearly evident as we concluded this morning’s beatdown.  YHC definitely needed all the encouragement I could get.

Welcome to Bobba-Bouy (talk to Sticky about the name), Clapper and Chippy.  Looking forward to future beatdowns with each of you.

Privilege to step out front and lead a great group of men.

Circle K


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  1. Great work this morning gents. Yes, I do love the parking lot at Atlee High School. So much to do and so little time. Felt like a million bucks after this mornings beatdown.

  2. Full Disclosure. The idea of using the parking space numbers was courtesy of TYA. Be sure to thank HIM the next time you see him.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thx for the “credit”. I appreciate it….not

    Sounds like a good workout. Sorry to have missed another classic daville beatdown!

  4. A record turnout wit out me? WTH! Great showing! Guess it’s time to start thinking of round 2 for the ville!